Punk group from Algueirão formed in 1983. The first line-up included Manolo (vocals), João Filipe (drums), Rui Ramos (guitar) and Paulo Ampola (bass).

The following year they participated in the 1st Rock Rendez-Vous Competition. The theme “Assassinos no Poder” was included in the lineup of the compilation “Ao Vivo no Rock Rendez-Vous em 1984″ by Dansa do Som.

At the end of 1984, Pêjó replaced Ampola. They once again participate in the 2nd Rockpage Competition about the group Rendez-Vous.

On March 6, 1986, Crise Total’s farewell concert took place at Rock-Rendez Vous.

On 7/12/1986 they participated in a Punk festival in Porto with Cães a Morte e o Desire, Cagalhões and Kú de Judas. In December they performed at the Rock Ibérico/86 concert.

João Filipe goes to Canada and Manolo also leaves the group.

In 1987, Tiago (voice) and Rui Barata (drums) joined the group. Manolo returned in 1988. The group ended up breaking up in 1988 after concerts with Bastardos do Cardeal and Morituri.

In 1995, Crise Total returned with the idea of recording the songs they played previously. If things had an impact, they could even continue playing and doing more things. João Filipe, Rui Ramos and Pêjó (on guitar) were joined by ex-Subcaos Xico (vocals) and Libelinha (bass).

After a few months of rehearsals, they recorded the CD “E a Crise Continua”, which was released through Fast’ N’Loud, filled with 16 songs relating to the first incarnation of the group. Pejo left shortly after and was replaced by Daniel.

Xico leaves the group. In April 1997, Miguel (lead singer of M.A.D.) made his live debut at a concert at Café Central. They presented songs from their second album which was recorded this year.

In September 2003, the label Zero Work Recs released the album “Suicídio Involuntário”, originally recorded in 1997, with Miguel on vocals.

Manolo joins the group in celebrating the band’s 25th anniversary. A live album recorded at RRV is released.


And the Crisis Continues (CD, FNL, 1996)
Involuntary Suicide (CD, Zerowork, 2003)
Bem Viva No RRV (CD, Subsoundz, 2008)

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