Ana e as Suas Irmãs

In 1988, RTP changed the formula for choosing the song representing the Eurofestival. He invited five composers and the sixth song would be the winner of the National Music Award.

The National Music Award took place on March 5, 1988 in Figueira da Foz. One of the eight finalist songs was “Nono Andar” by Nuno Rodrigues (former Banda do Casaco). Initially, it was planned that the song would be defended by Mila Ferreira, but after the singer gave up, it ended up being interpreted by the project Ana e Suas Irmãs.

The project was shrouded in an atmosphere of mystery: the singer never took her mask off throughout the rehearsals and it even appeared, in reports from the time, that it was a young woman with a careful education, whose father, a captain in the merchant navy, did not accept the involvement of the eldest daughter in the artistic environment. She shouldn’t reveal her identity and then return home perfectly calm…

On the night of the show she ended up taking off her mask but nothing was known about her identity. The winning theme of the PNM was “Déjà Vue” by Dora but the song chosen to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest would end up being “Voltarei”.

The single edition featured the collaboration of Né Ladeiras.

In 2001, Nuno Rodrigues idealized the album “Canções de Embalar” dedicated to his son. One of the themes, “Que Nome Lhe Vamos Dar”, used the music of “Nono Andar” but with new lyrics and with the interpretation of Sara Tavares.


Nono Andar (Single, Transmedia, 1988)

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