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Since I’m passionate about radio and since I was a little boy I’ve always listened to shows like A Hora Do Lobo and others by António Sérgio, today we’re going to pay tribute to this great radio host with an article taken from Wkipedia that explains a little about his path but this time translated into several languages.


Below we will have a video with the documentary made by Antena3 radio, and we will be able to listen to one of his programs right after.

António Sérgio Correia Ferrão was a Portuguese radio announcer and director, DJ, record editor, specialist and great promoter of rock, pop and avant-garde music.

He was born on January 14, 1950 in Benguela, Angola. He started to love radio with his parents, António Joaquim dos Santos Ferrão (who used the radio pseudonym of António Sérgio, in homage to the thinker and cooperative member of the same name) and Odete Correia Ferrão, broadcaster by profession at Rádio Clube do Bié, learning radio technique since he was a child.

Later the family moved to Lisbon, where he continued to work on the radio (Emissora Nacional and Rádio Renascença). He made his debut on Rádio Renascença as a continuity announcer, in 1968. He presented, with his mother, the program Encontro para Dois, and later, Quando o Telefone Toca (a daily program of requested records).
In 1976 he created the program Rotação, which ran at night, which lasted until the end of 1979.

António Sérgio was the first to promote names such as Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, Sex Pistols, The Stranglers or Joy Division in Portugal. He also worked at record labels such as Valentim de Carvalho, Nova and Rossil. He was one of the producers of the album Música Moderna by Corpo Diplomático. At Rossil publishing house he created the subsidiary “Rotação” which launched names like Xutos & Pontapés or Opinião Pública.

In 1980 she moved to Rádio Comercial where she directed and presented the programs Rolls Rock (1980-1982), Som da Frente (1982-1993), Louras, Ruivas e Morenas (1984, with Ana Cristina Ferrão, about women in music pop) and Flamethrower (about heavy metal). In all these high-quality programs, António Sérgio, a profound expert and researcher on the subject, publicized the work of the best rock musicians and bands outside the “conventional” market, particularly in the “punk”, “post-punk”, ” new wave”, “urban-depressive” and other types of avant-garde rock and pop.

The Som da Frente program lasted from 1982 to 1993. During this period he also worked at Dacapo publishing house (where he was responsible for catalogs such as Island and ZTT) and at distributor Anónima.

From 1993 he was a contributor to the alternative radio station XFM where he presented the Grande Delta program. After that station ended, in 1997 he returned to Rádio Comercial where he presented A Hora do Lobo, which later moved to Best Rock FM. Still at Comercial, he presented the program As Horas.

He received a “Golden Globe” in the only year that this initiative by SIC and Caras magazine had a radio category. He worked with the publisher Música Alternativa. He even wrote for “Blitz” and “O Independente”. From March 2006 he started to work as a voice-over for the television station SIC.

On September 14, 2007, the new management of Rádio Comercial decided to dispense with the services of António Sérgio, as they felt that his author program did not fit into the conventionality of the new schedule and that his voice “does not serve” the target audience. This fact generated enormous opposition and displeasure among António Sérgio’s listeners and admirers, but in vain. Luís Montez, his former director of XFM, then hired him for Rádio Radar, where António Sérgio started to direct and present his new program Viriato 25, from 3 December 2007, from 11 pm to 1 am.

He died unexpectedly on November 1, 2009, aged 59, from a heart attack. He was married to Ana Cristina Ferrão (his collaborator, author, radio director, translator, rock music specialist and IT consultant) and the father of three children.

On a national and international level, he was one of the most talented and well-read promoters of rock and alternative music in Portugal.

The video bellow is a documentary about António Sérgio | Antena3Docs | Antena 3
Spoken in portuguese.

The audio below is a short excerpt from a 2 hour broadcast shortened to 5 minutes and 23 seconds, you can listen to the entire broadcast by clicking on:

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