Born on February 4, 1982, in Lisbon, Royalistick started living and breathing Hip Hop at the age of 16. First, he started with mixtapes (DJ Sas, DJ Madkutz), participated in several compilations (Beats & Rimas, Rádio SóHIPHOP, mixtape FreeSpeech, DJ Núcleo Arrastão Verbal) and, only later, edited the debut album “Visão Periférica”. (2005).

Royalistick aka Don R1 ended his career in the summer of 2009, before that he took his first steps in the Portuguese scene through DJ SAs, he was part of the collective “Mundo Escuro”, his first group.

In 2004, he debuted on the mix-tape “2nd wave” in 99, when he was invited to participate in the compilation “Beats e Rimas” of “Twism”, which would be Chocolate Bars’ first test, on the track “Xlibris” where he would end up to be noticed, Twism, owner of Chocolate bars, invites Royalistick to record their debut album. In December 2005, “Visão Periférica” is released, an album edited by Chocolate bars/lucky link and distributed by Sóhiphop, which reaches the whole country and the most varied ears.

Highlight for the single “If I could” this project was chosen as “album of the year” in some national hip hop sites.
In 2006, acquisition of Footmovin Records and Portfolio launches an autobiographical album, reporting experiences, thoughts, music, opinions, friends and family with participation of Pacman, Virgul, Valete, Nga, DJ Glue, Dino NBC etc.. The executive production of the record was in charge of DJ Madkutz and SP (SP & Wilson).

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