B Fachada

B Fachada is the artistic name of Bernardo Cruz Fachada (Lisbon, 1984), is a Portuguese singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, married to the Portuguese visual artist, Mané Pacheco.

He collaborated with Tiago Pereira on the documentary Tradição Oral Contemporânea (2008). In 2009 he achieved prominence with the albums Um Fim-de-Semana no Pónei Dourado and B Fachada.

B Fachada was part of the group Diabo na Cruz, which he left after recording the album Roque Popular.

In 2010 he released Há Festa Na Moradia on the internet and in vinyl edition. At the end of the year he released the album B Fachada É Pra Meninos, which received great attention in the Portuguese press.

He performs in various venues and festivals such as CCB, Optimus Alive 2012, Festival para Gente Sentada in 2011, Super Bock Super Rock 2011 at Meco on the EDP stage, or Super Bock in Stock 2010.

Currently, he makes all his albums (which in most cases are out of print) available via transfer and direct sale on Bandcamp.

In 2015, he started the Violência Eletrodoméstica project with Xavier Almeida, under the name Pato Bravo.

In 2018, he made a special appearance in the series Sara, on RTP2, appearing as an employee of the bar where Ivo’s concert was taking place, a character played by Tónan Quito, while he sang one of his songs Só Te Falta Seres Mulher, which is actually one of the songs in B Fachada’s repertoire.

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