Braindead were a Portuguese band formed in Almada in 1988.

Before Da Weasel, João Nobre founded and played guitar in Braindead, a band from Almada that started out playing thrash metal but, upon reaching its first album, alienated part of its followers with influences from funk metal and rap, styles that would flourish throughout the world. its splendor throughout the 1990s.

“Blend” was the first album by a Portuguese band to sing in English, edited by Valentim de Carvalho. The album is well received and makes Braindead a band with a good acceptance by the public. Then follows the next album, “Room Landscapes” from 1994, the band’s last record and received in a less warm way.

In 1996 the group would bring down the curtain on their career for good. João Nobre (Jay Jay Neige) goes to Da Weasel and Vasco Vaz in Mão Morta.

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