Buba Espinho

Buba Espinho, a young singer from Alentejo aged just 24, brings with him the legacy of several generations of traditional Portuguese music.

Born in Beja, he has experienced and felt roots music intensely from an early age, through the hand of his father, also a musician, who passed on to him the important mission of preserving it. The relationship between two intangible cultural heritages of humanity, Cante Alentejano and Fado, is felt when we listen to it.

Let’s close our eyes, let ourselves be carried away on a true and unforgettable journey departing from deep Alentejo on the way to a new Lisbon.

If Cante Alentejano emerged as a child with Buba Espinho, Fado appears later, but naturally, as the aesthetic that he realized would cross in perfect harmony the influences of his roots.

Despite his young age, Buba Espinho already has a long history in music, first in Cante, where he was part of several groups, Adiafa, A Moda Mãe, Os Bubedanas, Mestre Cante and Há Lobos Sem Ser na Serra… A vast path that Arriving in 2016, and already assuming his place as a fado singer, he won the Grande Noite do Fado at the Coliseu dos Recreios, becoming one of the most eagerly awaited promises of the new fado singer generation.

It was there that he decided to start a solo career that had been written for a long time. He performs his first solo concerts, explores composition and his first songs are recorded. Since then he has been a regular guest in shows by big names in Portuguese music: Rui Veloso, Ana Moura, António Zambujo, Celina da Piedade, Júlio Resende, among many others.

From Beja he left for Lisbon, visiting the most iconic Fado houses in the city, from Faia to Casa de Linhares, from Clube de Fado to Adega Machado, and from here to the main national stages, with notable performances at the NOS Alive Festival, at the Coliseu Lisbon, Coliseu do Porto, Casa da Música, CCB, Ovibeja, and many more. In addition to Portugal, Buba Espinho also pursues a career that is also expected to be internationally successful, passing through countries such as England, Timor, Canada, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, France…

2020 is the year that brings his first studio album, and the difficult harmony between youth and tradition, between the interior and the coast, the legacy of generations of Portuguese roots music with the courage and determination to take risks and innovate.

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