Band from Santiago do Cacém, formed in January 1994 by Ulisses Silva (voice, guitar), Francisco Pereira (bass) and Pedro Sobral (drums).

Ulisses Silva, leader of the group, explained that after several experiences in other bands he had decided to form K2O3 with a serious artistic stance. His main musical references were, then, Faith No More, Offspring, the (godfathers) Xutos & Pontapés, Peste & Sida and Censurados.

The band was competent but showed a terrible lack of originality that is still almost depressing today. The true beginning of the project took place on the day they were selected to be part of the compilation “From Here to Nowhere” by the publisher In-Édita de Tomar.

After some line-up changes, K2O3 found their definitive line-up, with Ulisses Silva (vocals, guitar), Rui Chaves (bass), Mini (guitar) and Nuno Costa (drums). They presented a “combat rock” type sound à la Xutos & Pontapés or even more Censurados.

In June 1995, K2O3 were at Rec’n’RolI Studios where they recorded a demo-tape with the songs “És Capaz”, “Vaquinha”, “Racismo Não”, “Sorte Malvada” and “Politica e Religião”. This demo was presented to some of the specialized media at the time, as well as to publishers, with the aim of publishing a CD.

After several contacts, they chose El Tatu. As a result of this fact, the band made several first parts of Xutos and in 1999 they released the second work called “Grita”. Due to lack of promotion and distribution, the band’s second album did not reach the public and the band ended up dispersing into other musical projects, despite having won over a large audience and having given numerous shows throughout the country.

2009 marks the return to recording publishing, with the release of the third album of originals entitled “No Fio da Navalha”. 12 themes with the best that k2o3 has ever done.
2010 is a year full of concerts, in order to promote the new record and prove that k2o3 are more alive than ever, 15 years after it all began.

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