Cool Hipnoise is a Portuguese band that merges various styles such as reggae, soul, funk, afrobeat and groove. The band started in 1994 formed by Tiago Santos (guitar), João Gomes and José Canelas (keyboards), Paulo Muiños (saxophones), Nuno Reis (trumpet), Francisco Rebelo (bass) and Melo D (vocals).

In 1995, the debut album, “Nascer do Soul”, was released, which was produced by Luke Williamson (Big Chees All Stars). Later they collaborated with the German Ralf Droesemeyer (Agogo Records) and with the Englishman Nick Manasseh. In 1997, the album Missão Groove was released, which received the award for best album for the newspaper Blitz. A special edition with a new cover and new themes is published.

The group tries internationalization with some care. With connections to Spain and France. Melo D ends up leaving the band and they start to collaborate with several singers.

In 2000, the album Música Exótica was released for films, radio and television, which featured several collaborations such as Simone de Oliveira, the Brazilian Fernanda Abreu, the Last Poets, Marga Munguambe, Orlando Santos and Sónia Tavares. The disc is well received by critics.

In 2001, the disc Exótica part II and other versions was released. They also collaborate on one of the remixes of “Only Pain Is Real” by Silence 4. The Groove Junkies compilation (1995-2005) is released in 2005 by EMI. A limited edition with two discs is published and two unpublished ones stand out and the version of Nirvana still unpublished in official editions.

In 2006, the eponymous album was released, which was not so well received and the group ended up stopping for a while. The biggest highlight is “Kita Essa Dama”. With Tiago Bettencourt they collaborate on the album “UPA 2008” – Unidos Para Ajudar. In 2011 they participated in the album “Reintervenção” as a tribute to José Afonso.

Francisco Rebelo, Tiago Santos and João Gomes were part of other projects such as Spaceboys and Orelha Negra.

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