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Sam The Kid (also known as STK), stage name of Samuel Mira, is a Portuguese rapper and music producer.

Samuel Mira fell in love with rap around 1993. The release of his first album, Entre(tanto), in 1999, was influenced by DJ Bomberjack’s mixtape releases. In those years many rappers wanted to be independent from labels, but Sam The Kid’s second album, Sobre(tudo), ended up being edited by Edel. At that time the rapper was already giving many concerts, for example at the Hard Club, often invited by Mundo Segundo, in the sessions “Nova Gaia Sessions” that the latter did.

In the year of the release of Sobre(tudo), 2002, Sam The Kid also released an album of instrumentals, Beats Vol 1: Amor, at the request of journalist Rui Miguel Abreu, who was the first to give him an MPC. The album is conceptual and is based on the love story of the artist’s parents. It was recorded at home using samples that cover pornographic films, phone calls, soap operas and records of soul and jazz.

In 2005 he participated in some tracks of the soundtrack of the Portuguese film O Crime do Padre Amaro.

That same year he collaborated on the album Amália Revisited, a tribute to Portuguese fado singer Amália Rodrigues.

In 2006, their long-awaited fourth album, called Pratica(mente) was released. Samuel Mira, even knowing that there were already bigger publishers interested in editing the album, gave Edel his vote of confidence again. The album went gold, selling up to 10,000 copies.

In 2009, the very innovative project called Orelha Negra appeared, with DJ Cruzfader, Fred Ferreira (Ferrano), João Gomes and Francisco Rebelo. The project consists of the production of instrumental songs, in which several styles are merged. The band already has several albums and mixtapes.

Recently Sam The Kid has been working with the Portuguese MC Mundo Segundo, DJ Guze and DJ Cruzfader in the creation of an album, from which three singles have come out, Tu Não Sabes, Also Faz Parte and Brasa.

More recently and at the same time, Sam The Kid created a new project linked to hip hop called TV Chelas, whose main distribution platform is a dedicated YouTube channel. The channel publishes unreleased songs by Sam The Kid and other artists, music videos, podcasts, interviews, instrumentals, some never-before-seen hip hop-related archives, and potentially more.

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