Corpo Diplomático was the first Portuguese new wave band, formed in Lisbon in 1979. They had an ephemeral career with only two record records.

Influenced by the new wave movement that emerged at the end of the seventies in England as a response to punk rock, Corpo Diplomático introduced electronic music to Portugal combined with the fascination of fashion and art while maintaining the irreverence of punk. They managed to transmit an authentic new wave sound supported by creative freedom.

The band was formed by Carlos Gonçalves «Ultra violeta» (vocals), Paulo Pedro Gonçalves «Falso Alarme» (guitar), Pedro Ayres Magalhães «Dedos Aires» (bass), Carlos Maria Trindade «Carlos Maria» (organ), Rui Freire «Choque Eléctrico» (synthesizer) and Emanuel Ramalho «Flash Gordon» (drums). Resulting from the disintegration of Faíscas, the band maintains the tradition of using pseudonyms in place of their real names.

In 1979, they signed a contract with independent label Da Nova and released the numbered and limited edition single “Festa”, which included on the B-side the version “Engrenagem” by José Mário Branco. This is the first rock version of a Portuguese intervention song.

Shortly afterwards, they released the album Musica Moderna, produced by radio host António Sérgio, an authentic hymn to new wave sounds that marked the national music scene. They make their live debut in the first part of the Tubes concert in Cascais, followed by some concerts in Lisbon and the province. With the search for a new vocalist, disagreements arose and the band ended its career in September 1980. Paulo Pedro Gonçalves, Pedro Ayres Magalhães and Carlos Maria Trindade returned to musical activity in 1981 in the midst of the Portuguese rock boom with a new band and different sound. : the Heroes of the Sea.

Period of activity 1979 – 1980

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