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Born and raised in Olhão, Algarve, land of seafood and on summer holidays, Pete started his career as a resident DJ in two spaces: Mitto, a bar that made a difference in the way the South views the beginning of the night and in, now mythical, Locomia, a club overlooking the ocean, on the beautiful beach of Stª. Eulália, where all the world-renowned DJs played during the summer season. At Locomia Pete was able to closely observe the work of these world DJing references and learn from them.

With his assertion as a DJ, the time that Pete Tha Zouk spent in the production studio was largely compensated by the fact that his first songs – “First Tribal Feeling”, in partnership with Bruno Marciano, and “Kashmira” – were great successes of the dancefloors of that time. It was the beginning of the 2000s. “First Tribal Feeling” caught the attention of DJ Chus and, soon after, Pete was in Madrid to master the song at Chus & Ceballos studio. “Kashmira” and “Enchantments” follow and the Portuguese artist becomes a widely known name with regard to his ability to produce music for the dance floor. In 2003, together with DJ Vibe, Pete Tha Zouk produced the track “Solid Textures”, which was released through the renowned label Low Pressings. The song reached the top of the charts and won several awards, pushing Pete’s talent for producing music even further into the spotlight. While all this unfolded, his career as a DJ flourished with the bet of having started to be a freelance DJ who played all over Portugal.

In 2006, facing a gigantic career in Portugal, Pete Tha Zouk decided to join WDB. Under the guidance of the company’s mentors, José Manso and João Miguel, Pete’s career grows even more and reaches a status that determines Pete Tha Zouk as the most requested DJ in Portugal. Promoters and club owners know that having Pete Tha Zouk means having a “full house”. How many DJs can guarantee this success? WDB doesn’t stop there and launches the artist’s career across borders, to Brazil, Switzerland and Angola. In Brazil he was voted “DJ Revelation” in the summer of 2009 and on New Year’s Eve 2010/2011 Pete Tha Zouk performed outside Portugal for the first time and it was Brazil that had the honor of seeing the new year arrive in his company. The world is already following.

Pete Tha Zouk has won several awards: in 2002, the Portuguese Dance Club magazine awarded him the “Dj Revelation” award. In 2004, he won two Dance Club awards, “Best Producer” and “Best Single of the Year” (with “Solid Textures”). He also won in 2005 and 2006 the title of “Best Portuguese Dj” at the Awards. In 2008 and 2009 Pete takes home the title of “Best Portuguese Dj”, an award awarded by the Prêmio Noite. PT. In 2010, Pete once again wins the “Best Portuguese Dj” award, awarded by the Radio Nova Era, Best of the Year and Awards.

2010 started with “I’m Back Again”, a collaboration with Mastercris and the world famous Abigail Bailey, which reached the top of the charts and was part of several compilations around the world. The music video was recorded on the magnificent island of Florianópolis by award-winning Portuguese director, Leonel Viera. The success of this theme and the success of the performances in Brazil, Angola, Switzerland and Portugal, were decisive for the year 2010 to end with two bombshells: the entry in the Top 100 of DJ Mag at number 81 and the edition of a theme, “ Check This Out”, by Sondos, publisher of the world famous Erick Morillo.

2011 is the turning point and the definitive entry into the top 50 best DJs in the world with the announcement, on October 20th, that Pete Tha Zouk now occupies the 37th place in the DJ Mag Top100, rising an impressive 44 places and winning the most highest position ever for a Portuguese DJ in what is the top of international reference.

In 2012 Pete Tha Zouk starts the year with a partnership with the British DJ and producer Rae on the theme “Learn To Love”, whose music video was entirely filmed in Hollywood/Los Angeles and directed by Leonel Vieira. And with the victory, for the third consecutive year, of the award for Best Portuguese DJ in the prestigious awards Best of the Year of Rádio Nova Era. The summer of 2012 brings the premiere at the biggest Portuguese summer festival – SWTMN – and Pete Tha Zouk’s performance served as the backdrop for the filming of the DJ’s new theme, a co-production with the young talent Deepblue, who has the voice from the North American, Yasmeen, titled “We Are Tomorrow”. On July 1, 2013, the collaboration with Kellie Allen on the beautiful “Been Too Long” is released. At the end of the summer, “Rocksteady” is published, and in December “Hanging Out” arrives, themes edited by the French label DJ Center Records.

2014 arrives full of new songs and collaborations, with Pete Tha Zouk showing not only his great form in the studio but all the influences that his career as a globetrotter DJ brings him: The year starts with “Don’t You Stop Me Now ”, a collaboration with Joceline Medina, released by DJ Center Records. On March 10, “Monsoon” arrives, a collaboration with Mitch LJ, edited by the American Dancepush. In April we have “Intensa”, the collaboration with the French superstar, Quentin Mosimann, and lined up are also “Kick This One”, a bomb for the dancefloor, and the beautiful vocal themes “Steal The World”, a collaboration with the new talents Roland Cost & Drek, and “Free World”, a collaboration with English remix wizard, eSQUIRE. For the end of 2014, the song that pays homage to his native Algarve, “Paradise”, was kept, which Pete made available for free download. In 2015 and already back from his first big tour in Brazil, Pete once again made an original song available to his fans, “Epiphany” with the voice of Meline. 2016 kicks off with a rework of “Monsoon” and a revamp of Infinity Radioshow.

In 2017, he continues his career playing all over the world, and repeats the success of his annual party, the Infinity Sunset by pete Tha Zouk, in Portimão, at No Solo Agua, which again receives a record number of audiences. His social networks reach new heights, there are more than 600 thousand people who follow him on Facebook, and who follow the life and career of one of the most successful Portuguese DJs.

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