Santaluzia Rock Band – 80s

Single from 1988, commercially strong, but virtually unknown, from a group that brought together big names in Portuguese rock: Renato Gomes (ex UHF), Fernando Delaere (ex UHF, ex Roxigénio, ex GGBB, etc.) and Maria Leon (Marité). Renato Jr also belonged to this project that only edited this single.

The Barbarella group was formed at the end of 1985 and consisted of Hipo (drums), Mário Ayres (guitar, ex-Casino Twist), Manuel Frederico (bass, ex-Roxigénio), Renato Jr (saxophone, clarinet, keyboards and percussion) and vocalist Carlos Gonçalves (ex-Corpo Diplomático and ex-Casino Twist). In the choirs were Nucha and Marité. The group sang in English and the live debut took place at the RRV on February 28, 1986.

Changes in the band led to the entry of Fernando Delaere (bass), Renato Gomes (guitar), Fernando Soares (sax) and Simon Wadsworth (wind), passing Marité to lead singer.
In early 1988, after a phase in which they were known as Os Barbarella, they changed their name to Santaluzia because in Germany there was already a band with the previous name.

In March 1988, the single “Lôca Lôca” was released, produced by Simon J. Wadsworth. The disc was recorded by Hipo, Delaere, Gomes, Renato Jr. and Marité with the participation of Simon and Soares.
The edition of the Maxi-single “Emigrants” was planned, but it did not come to fruition. The group ends up terminating the contract with Transmédia.

Joins the band Inácio Gaiolas (ex-Casino Twist). That year, the band was still in negotiations with MBP to release an album produced by Luís Pedro Fonseca.

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