Fernando Cunha

Fernando Manuel da Silva Gomes Ribeiro da Cunha, better known as Fernando Cunha (Lisbon, July 18, 1963) is a Portuguese guitarist, producer and composer, who was part of the pop-rock bands Delfins and Resistência.

He stood out as a guitarist, producer and composer, being considered one of the main figures in the national pop-rock scene. He was one of the founding members of the bands Delfins, Ar de Rock and Resistência. In both the bands Resistência and Delfins, he was a vocalist and played guitar. He left the band Delfins in 2008, having justified this decision with the «need to pursue his own and autonomous career, both as a musician and producer». The band was disbanded the following year, although it restarted concerts in 2019 and 2020. In 2005, still during his stay in Delfins, he also did the arrangements and musical direction on the album Things Simples, by singer María León.

In 1998 he released his first solo album, Invisível, where the theme Só Há Tempo Para Viver Agora gained prominence in the music video, which featured the participation of several famous national artists, such as Boss AC, Kika, Marité and Marta Dias. In 2019, the album A Guitarra a Tocar, which in addition to original compositions, also featured several versions of Delfins’ themes.

In 2022 he published a new version of the theme Só Há Tempo para Viver Agora, which was recorded at Teatro Maria Matos, as part of the concert presenting another solo work, A Linha do Tempo, released on March 11. In this album, Fernando Cunha returned to the classic tones that he had developed throughout his career, with the themes starting from the guitars to later form soundscapes of great complexity, while the use of electronic instruments contributed to creating an evident musical personality.

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