Teresa Maiuko

Teresa Maiuko was born in Mozambique, in the former Lourenço Marques.

In 1985 she debuted as a singer in Trópico, a dance group that left no trace. Afterwards, she continued as a bar singer. At Xafarix she meets Luís Filipe, the author and producer of her first single, “Under Cover Lover”.

Her second single, released in November 1986, is “Do You Wanna Spend The Night”. She embarks on a tour of Portugal and abroad. She participated in the 1987 OTI Festival with “Não Me Tirem Este Mar” written by Carlos Mendes. In 1988 she recorded her first album for MBP, which was a commercial fiasco.

She is one of the five resident singers of the “Regresso Ao Passado” program together with Pedro Malagueta, Tó Leal, Dulce Pontes and Isabel Campelo.

In 1990 she participated, with Pedro Malagueta, in an album by Orfeão Dr. Edmundo Machado de Oliveira in support of Unicef.

The following year she moved to London where she studied Dramatic Art, Design and Music until 1994. Between sculpture and painting exhibitions she has dedicated herself to the music studio she has in partnership with Real Life Management.

She prepared a new album of ethnic music that has two interesting features, the participation of Sara Tavares and a version of a theme by Zeca Afonso.


Under Cover Lover/Under Cover Lover (Slow Version) (Single, Transmédia, 1986)
Do You Want To Spend The Night/Place In Your Heart (inst.) (Single, Transmédia, 11/1986)
Under Cover Lover (Máxi, Dureco/High Energy, 1987)
The Beat Of The Hit (Máxi, MBP, 7/1988)
Mood Waves (LP, MBP, 10/1988)
The Cake (Máxi, promo, 1989)

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