Gutto (Luanda, Angola – November 10, 1972), formerly known as Bantú, is a Portuguese singer and rapper born in Angola, immortalized by successive duets with the famous rapper Boss AC, by the successes of the group Black Company and by probably being the first Portuguese artist to release an R&B album.

Augusto Armada was born in Luanda, Angola and lived his entire life on the south bank of Lisbon. He emigrated with his parents to Portugal when he was 2 years old.

Black Company
At 18, he was attending Law University when he met Black Company, a rap group. He started by writing lyrics, but later ended up joining the group.

Together with rappers Bambino, Makkas and DJ KGB, and under the name Bantú, Gutto joined the group Black Company.

The group was one of the members of the compilation album “Rapública”, alongside Boss AC, Zona Dread, Líderes da nova messão, Family, New Tribe and Funky D. The album included the song “Pshyca Style” and the song “Nadar” , which was the first Portuguese hip-hop hit.

The following year, the group released the album “Geração Rasca”, its main song being “Abreu”. The following album, “Filhos da Rua”, released in 1998, marked the end of the group. There is then an option for Gutto to change from Rap to R&B.

No Stress
In 1998, Gutto joined Boss AC to form “No Stress”, a hip-hop producer that would become one of the best and most recognized in the Portuguese market. Gutto participated in the album “Rimar Contra a Maré”, by Boss AC, in the song “Quieres Dinero” and in the song “Lena (a Culpa Não É Tua)”, a song that was included in the soundtrack of the Spanish film “Lena”. Gutto would once again collaborate on AC’s album, “Ritmo, Amor e Palavras”, on the song “Sentir Tão Bem”. There were several artists, of the most diverse nationalities, produced by the duo “Tom&Jerry”, which, due to their success, led to the producer being considered the best Portuguese Hip-Hop / R&B producer of its time.

First solo album
In 2002, Gutto made his solo debut with the album “Private Show”, dedicating himself to R&B, but without ever abandoning his passion for Hip-Hop. From this album, the themes “Desobre dos Lençóis”, “Hey (a Noite É Aqui)” and “Eu Imaginei” stand out, both with the participation of Boss AC. “Devoz dos Lençóis” was the album’s best-known song, and for which a music video was made. “Private Show” is probably the first R&B album sung in Portuguese to be released.

In 2005, Gutto released his 2nd album «Chokolate». The song «Só Quero Dançar» is from this album, a hit in the charts, with a much-played music video.

Third album
In 2007, Gutto returned with «Corpo e Alma», which highlights the song «Deixa Ferver», which reached number 5 on MTV’s Portuguese hit-list.

Return of Black Company
In 2008, Gutto collaborated with Just Girls, on the song “O Jogo (Already Started)”. This collaboration earned Gutto his debut at the Rock In Rio festival.

It was that same year that Black Company got back together and recorded a new album. The first single, “Só Malucos”, is a collaboration with Adelaide Ferreira and achieves the perfect fusion between Tango and Fado, based on the theme “Libertango”, by Astor Piazzola.

Gutto solo in 2013
Gutto returns to Angola, and establishes a partnership with the producer Home Family, establishing himself as a music producer and artistic director of said producer.

Meanwhile, he is preparing the release of his 4th solo album, a double CD that will have confirmed participation from names like Kid Mc, Wesa, Boss Ac, Bambino, Vivi, among others.

The Trainer and Coach
Parallel to his musical career, Augusto Armada has a long career in the area of ​​professional training, starting in 1998, having set up a legal consultancy, coaching and training company (César Lando SU Lda.). As a trainer he collaborated with entities such as the Centro Cultural de Belém, the Ministry of Culture of Portugal, the Portuguese Youth Institute, the Associação Sons da Lusofonia and several local authorities. In Angola, he provided training in the behavioral area and executive coaching to companies such as Unitel, Banco Standart, Banco BCI, Sonils, Caixa Geral Angola, Quality, Let’s Talk Group, Nox Angola, Grupo Boa Vida, ENI, Movicel, DSTV and Repsol, among others…

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