Kussondulola is an Angolan reggae band based in Portugal. The leader of the band is Angolan Janelo da Costa, who in addition to being a musician, also had a career in football, having played among other clubs, at Imortal Desportivo Clube, the main club in Albufeira.

In 1995, they released their debut album, Tá-se Bem, which included hits such as “Dança No Huambo” and “Perigosa”, among others.

The group plays in Vilar de Mouros, releases the album in Spain and wins the New Band Award at the Blitz Awards.

In 1998, they released the album Baza Não Baza, followed by O Amor É… Bué in 2001. In 2004, they released the album Cumué?, which brings together the group’s best songs.

The album Survivor, released in 2005, includes several duets with names such as Vitorino (in “Maria Tem Fé em Jah”), Kalú (in “Survive Todos os Dias”), Rui Reininho (in “Reggae no Porto”), Rui Veloso and Nanu (in “Viver Alone Não Quero”) and Miguel Ângelo (in “Desastre Natural”). Kalaf, Sara Tavares, Sam, Dora and Sandra Fidalgo and Legalize are other guests on the album.

In 2006, they released the album Guerrilheiro.

They celebrate 15 years of career with a special edition with new and live songs, gathered on two albums of originals recorded in 2007, Madié and Natalício, and a live edition of the Tour Mayombe 2006. Includes 40 songs including unreleased songs, live recordings, dubs and riddims in different versions of several of the band’s hits.

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