J.P. Simões is a portuguese musician, singer-songwriter who also writes fiction and musical theatre. His music and live performances are very well known and celebrated, especially in Portugal and Brasil. Played in many bands such as Pop Dell’Arte, Belle Chase Hotel and Quinteto Tati.
Adopted the pseudonym Bloom in 2016, with which released 2 albums.

João Paulo Nunes Simões, better known as JP Simões, is a Portuguese singer and musician. He was born in Coimbra, Portugal, on 4 January 1970. Due to the Carnation Revolution of 1974 and subsequent turmoil, at age five he emigrated to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he stayed about a year. Back to Portugal, Simões studied journalism, screenwriting, saxophone and Arabic language.

As to music, he has worked with Pop Dell’Arte, among others, and was the leading force behind the bands Belle Chase Hotel and Quinteto Tati. He wrote short stories, song lyrics, film scripts and participated as a musician and actor in films by Fernando Vendrell and Edgar Pêra, and signing some soundtracks for documentaries. In 2007, he premiered his solo album 1970. In 2009, he published his second album Boato.

In the past he has had tours solo as a one-man show, playing his solo repertoire among songs from his past bands, mostly Belle Chase Hotel, however currently he is known by the name Bloom and has tours solo, not only in Portugal but also throughout Europe.

Changing his artistic name to Bloom seems to have opened up a new track on JP’s music style. Now he makes songs with more sounds and instruments, faster and has recently been a part of the festival “Festival da Canção” which translates song festival. in said festival he presented a song named “Alvoroço” which by itself on the festival, people didn’t seem to like it very much, however everyone else outside loved it and JP ended up by winning an award named “Gala Prémio Autores 2019 da Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores” which translates to 2019 award of the writers in Portuguese society.

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