Mundo Secreto

Mundo Secreto is a Portuguese band from Leça da Palmeira, (Porto) based on Hip-Hop.

From R&B, Funk, to Soul, but always with a greater focus on Hip-Hop, Mundo Secreto (MDS) emerged in 1999, with a formation of five elements: Diogo, Durval, Chico and Miguel in the voices, accompanied by DJ System in instrumental production.

2005 proved to be a very positive year for the group, which entered a new stage. He joins the group Pedro Teixeira (bass), Nuno Melo (guitar) and João Rebelo (drums) and Sistema leaves the “backstage”, starting to accompany the band live. The result of these changes is visible and is manifested through a more intense and varied musicality, complemented by the dynamism in the live performances that usually count with Alexandre Almeida, (former member of the band Bandemónio). The production of the model, recorded in André Indiana’s studio, had the participation of Domingos Alves, (former keyboardist of Fingertips).

Alexandre Almeida joins the formation and Domingos Alves joined the band.

In 2007 they released the album “Mundo Secreto” which includes songs like “Põe A Mão No Ar”, “Põe Quero Som” and “Chegamos À Party”.

2009 is the year of “Soa o Alarme” where the title of the album stands out. In the music video for “Leva o Meu Mundo”, the presentation theme for the third album, there are several special guests such as Rui Reininho and Alberto Almeida from Cabaret Fortuna. In 2014 they present the theme “Toast” made in collaboration with Guerrinha.

In 2015, they return to the albums with “Neons & Lasers” where Héber Marques dos (HMB) (“Perfeito Para Ti”) and Vitor Peixeiro (“Dama de Espadas”) collaborated. “Billionaire” is another of the featured themes.

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