Linda de Suza (Beringel, Beja, February 22, 1948), stage name of Teolinda Joaquina de Sousa Lance, is one of the most famous Portuguese singers, an emigrant in France. She was forever recognized for her cardboard suitcase, which spawned a best-selling autobiographical book of the same title.

Linda de Suza was one of the most recognized Portuguese singers in France, land of “emigrants”, as she was characterized. Born in Baixo Alentejo, more precisely in Beringel, in the municipality of Beja, she crossed the border ‘by leap’ in 1970, to escape the economic and oppressive difficulties of a non-democratic Portugal, became an important symbol of national freedom, for his courageous attitude.

Her arrival in France with a child in her arms and with few economic resources made it difficult to foresee that, a few years later, thanks to her melodious and melancholy voice, Linda de Suza would sell out successive audiences at the Olympia in Paris and conquer thousands of admirers who attributed to her his discography has won immense gold and platinum awards. Loved by the French, she was even called Amália de França by some, or Linda Portuguesa by others. The fact is that she never denied her origins, keeping in the lyrics of the songs the story of her life and her native country.

She started singing at the Chez Loisette restaurant in Saint-Ouen where she was discovered by the composer André Pascal who introduced her to another composer, Alex Alstone.

After being rejected by the publisher Barclay (due to the fear of her Portuguese pronunciation not being accepted by the French public), she signs for Carrere.

Claude Carrére arranges for Linda to be invited to the TV show “Rendez-Vous du Dimanche”, by Michel Drucker, where she performs the song “Un Portugais”, written by Alex Alstone and Vline Buggy, in front of more than 20 million viewers . The single is a great success reaching the platinum award in France.

1979 is the year of “Uma Moça Chorava” and the album “Amália/Lisboa”.

On the album “Vous Avez Tout change” she has the collaboration of Charles Aznavour. “Une fille de tous les pays” achieves some success in the Dutch charts.

In 1982 she released the album “L’Etrangère”.

“José Aime Linda” is the B-side of the single “E.T. Petit Copain De La Nuit” by little Damian. She writes the lyrics for “Super Damiano”, “José aime Linda”, “Au nom de tous les enfants” and “Noël des mamans”.

She releases the albums “Comme Vous” and “à l’olympia” (double live).

In 1984 she published a biographical book (novel) entitled “A Mala de Cartão” which made her true story known to the world.

On 1 October 1985 she was made Dame of the Order of Infante D. Henrique. “Valise En Carton” is transformed, in 1986, into a musical comedy with the participation of Jean Pierre Cassel. Victória Records launches in Portugal an album with songs performed in Portuguese and Spanish. The film “A Mala de Cartão”/”Valise en Carton” was produced in 1988. Names such as Irene Papas and Raul Solnado participate. It is broadcast on RTP and Antenne 2.

She participated in the recording of the album “Pour toi Arménie” promoted by Charles Aznavour.

New album “Qu’est ce que tu sais faire?” which had the collaboration of her son, Carlo Lance, on the theme “Dis-moi pourquoi”.

In Portugal a Portuguese version was edited by the MBP. The recordings in Portugal took place at Angel Studio. The album includes the songs “Lição de Amor”, “Pela Estrada Fora”, “Que Si Que No”, “Regressa Amor” and “Terna Avozinha”.

She participates in the theme “Les Gens Des Barraques” by La Harissa.

Linda adapted into Portuguese songs such as “Um Português”, “Ó Malmequer liar”, “Ó Malhão Malhão” (1982), “Meu lírio Rouxo” (1991). Tozé Brito also wrote lyrics for the singer.

She sang in five languages: German, English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Linda de Suza died in France on 28 December 2022, at age 74, from complications of COVID-19.

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