Linda Martini is a Portuguese rock band with post-rock and punk influences.

Linda Martini was born in 2003 and is a rock band. Its current formation comprises 4 of its 5 founding members – André Henriques, Cláudia Guerreiro, Hélio Morais and Pedro Geraldes.

Since the release of the first EP, in January 2006, the band has been very much loved by the public, the music press and promoters. Proof of this are the various “disc of the year” distinctions for Blitz readers, the constant presence and antenna space in the main communication vehicles and the assiduous presence at large festivals and tape burnings.

In 2006, the single “Amor Combate” was considered the single of the year by Henrique Amaro da Antena 3 and, in the same year, the debut album – “Olhos de Mongol” – was distinguished as “disc of the year” for the readers of Blitz Magazine.

In 2008, the band released an EP exclusively on vinyl, and that same album was considered the “second album of the year” for the readers of Blitz magazine.

2009 is the year of the reissue of their debut album – “Olhos de Mongol” – together with their first EP – “Linda Martini” –, both of which have been sold out for a long time. It is also the year in which the band is invited to make an album recorded live, by Optimus Discos, which is still out of print and one of the albums with the most downloads in the edition cycle of this new label.

In 2010, the second long-play – “Casa Ocupada” – is released, an album that takes the band to another level, earning a new distinction of “disc of the year” for Blitz readers and deserving the most intense praise from people in the middle, such as Pedro Ramos (Radar), Henrique Amaro (Antena 3) and Zé Pedro (Xutos & Pontapés), as an example.

In the year in which the band celebrated 10 years, it released its third long-play – “Turbo Lento” -, by Universal Music Portugal, an album that was considered “record of the year” for Blitz readers. It was this same record that led the band to be the cover of Ípsilon and guest editor of Blitz magazine. In the presentation concerts, the band filled room 1 of the Hard Club, in Porto, and the Tejo room of the MEO Arena, in Lisbon. The album went directly to number 2 on the AFP best-selling album chart and reached number 1 on iTunes and Spotify, in Portugal.

On May 31, 2014, they participated in a tribute to António Variações at Rock in Rio Lisboa, along with other names in Portuguese music such as Deolinda and Gisela João.

In early 2015, the band announced on their Facebook page a reissue of their work, up to the album Casa Ocupada on CD and Vinyl, as well as a series of shows in Vila Real, Guarda, Aveiro and Lisbon, during the month of March. , to promote them.

In April 2016, they released their 4th album, Sirumba, almost two years after the last work and thirteen years since the beginning of the project. The launch of Sirumba was followed by a concert at the Coliseu de Lisboa, on the 2nd of April of the same year. Sirumba was considered by Blitz as the 6th best Portuguese album of 2016.

On February 16, 2018, they released their 5th album Linda Martini.

On February 25, 2022, their 6th album entitled ERRÔR was released, which hit stores only in vinyl format. A few weeks before the album was released, it was announced that guitarist Pedro Geraldes would no longer be part of the band.

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