Miguel & André

It was at the end of the 90s that the first Portuguese romantic duo emerged – Miguel and André, who, from the beginning of their musical journey, were successful.

In 1998, the first album sold 120 thousand copies, which was equivalent to triple platinum. And, the following year, the two were once again successful with the album “Mar Deserto”. The ballads “Toda a Razão de Viver”, “Falar de Amor” and “Mais que Tudo na Vida” were some of the duo’s main hits.

Since then, there have been more albums and concerts inside and outside the country, until, in 2012, both decided to put an end to the duo, heading towards a solo career, but without the same success.

On social media, singers have the habit of sharing everyday moments, thus showing how very different they are, since the late 90s, when they enchanted thousands of Portuguese people.

Let’s remember some of this duo’s songs!

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