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We associate music with many moments in our lives – that moment when we saw our great love for the first time, the song that played when we received that phone call, or the song we chose to listen to and that marked us so much in that less good phase.

Even though music is part of our lives and our memories, it is associated with great artists, or with musicians and bands that marked generations, even if they are not our favorites – everyone knows a song by Queen, or Abba , even if these artists have never been part of your playlists. But music has greater grandeur than its artists, gaining great importance in different areas due to its ability to move our emotions.

The importance of music in all areas

We like music so much because it has the ability to generate emotions. In fact, whenever you listen to your favorite music, the brain releases dopamine, associated with the feeling of well-being and pleasure. But, there are some musical styles that awaken anger, fear, or sadness in us. This offers a huge opportunity for various industries to use the power of music to generate emotions for their consumers and in this case, music comes into our lives on many different occasions.

Music as therapy

Music has been used as therapy for many years, particularly as a co-helper in the treatment of some neurological diseases due to the possibility of altering cognitive states. On a lighter note, there are currently playlists available on streaming platforms especially used to increase focus, so that you can improve your performance at work, for example.

The music used by various industries

Since music has the ability to change emotions, it is expected that industries across various sectors will use music to awaken certain emotions in their target audience. This is why some clothing stores offer loud music with a stronger beat to their consumers, while others focus on calmer music – in fact this is an important issue for effective sales and known as music branding. However, it is not just in retail that music is important and can affect the consumer experience. This is quite visible in the gaming industry, for example, in the slot machine games available at the Betway casino and others, whose sounds evoke feelings of adrenaline and fun, or in games like Grim Fandango whose soundtrack has such great quality, which easily goes beyond the game and becomes a playlist that you want to listen to even without playing, making this game always present, even if unconsciously.

Perhaps because music has the ability to become so present in our lives and our actions, activities such as Karaoke are so popular, as they are ways of feeling that certain songs are also a little bit of us, or that film soundtracks jump out from the background. films and become part of the lives of people who often identify more with the music than with the story told in the films.

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