Mundo d’Aventuras (Adventure World)

José Salvador and António Salvador, two brothers, born in Beja and emigrated to the Netherlands in the early 80s, and Rik Zwann created Mundo de Aventuras, an openly pop band.

Initially they were called Zero Return and it was under this name that in April 1983 they released their own cassette entitled “Cool Wave”, distributed among friends. The sounds contained therein revealed a kind of “easy listening” in the style of what Sade would do about a year later.

This project, led by José Salvador, in the company of the Italian-Argentinean Leandro Bistoffi (guitar), a vocalist of Indonesian origin and the also Portuguese Moço Severino (voice, keys) ended up not releasing any work in vinyl form. However, the roots of Mundo de Aventuras were being created, initially formed in 1983 by just the two brothers and Leandro Bistoffi.

In January 1984, they released their first cassette where the sound was explicitly electropop, an assumed mix of Latin music and Eurodisco. The lyrics addressed purely mundane subjects such as nightlife, street life, passion, love or disenchantment.

After Leandro’s abandonment, the group definitively stabilized with José Salvador, taking over the synthesizers and drum machine, António Salvador, the bass and synthesizers and Rik Zwann, the vocals. At the same time, the band maintained another project, this experimental one, called “Once in a Blue Moon”, which had nothing to do with pop music and was never heard of again.

As far as we know, in this first phase, the project only released one single, which was distributed in 1985 in seven European countries and which, curiously, in Portugal, was only released in 1986.

The group emerged in the mid-90s, dedicating itself only to dance music and under the name MDA.

So far we have no further information about this band, musics or photos but it’s always good to know facts about them. Write in the comments bellow if you have more information about Mundo D’Aventuras!

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