Nonstop was a Portuguese girl group, formed with the winners of the Popstars television musical contest, broadcast on SIC in 2001. The group was formed by Andrea, Kátia, Fátima, Liliana and Rita. Although they never announced the end of the group, their period of activity took place between 2001 and 2006, so the group can be considered extinct or in a state of prolonged hiatus.

Nonstop released their first album, the eponymous NonStop, in July 2001, which reached the gold record mark. The first single, “Ao Limite Eu Vou”, was produced by the duo Steelworks, Tim Woodcock and Elliot Kennedy.

Fátima abandoned the project at the beginning of 2002. Meanwhile, the song “Olhar P’ra Ti (Só Para Ti)” was chosen to integrate the soundtrack of the soap opera Fúria de Viver and the members of the group had a special participation in the series Uma Aventura, by SIC. They also cover the theme “Lady Marmalade”.

The second album, Tudo Vai Mudar, was released in May 2004. The disc includes themes such as “E Tudo Vai Mudar” – which served as a single, playing regularly on MTV Portugal -, “Veneno no Olhar” (version of “Poison” das Bardot), “Se Fores Partir”, “Quero Saber Por Ti” and “Play-Back” (version of Carlos Paião’s theme). The album again featured themes by the duo Steelworks. National producers such as No Stress (AC Firmino and Augusto Armada), Carlos Juvantes and Gonçalo Pereira also contributed to the album.

In 2005, Rita Reis participates in the album Ritmo, Amor e Palavras, by Boss AC (in the song “És more than a woman”) and in Chokolate, by Gutto (in the song “Importante”, which is part of the soundtrack of the telenovela Tempo de To live). Rita, Andrea and Liliana also made a small appearance in Gutto’s “Só Quero Dançar” music video.

Still in 2005, Nonstop began releasing the ballad “Assim Como És”, produced by the duo Boss AC and Gutto, and the English version of “E Tudo Vai Mudar” (“Sooner Or Later”).

At the invitation of Elvis Veiguinha, Nonstop participated in the 2006 RTP Song Festival, with the theme “Coisas de Nada”, which they won with 76 points. in Athens, where they did not pass the semifinal, having been classified in 19th place (out of 23), with 26 points.

As of 2007, they are asked to collaborate on several projects. Liliana participated in the album Gutto’s Leave Ferver, and Kátia participated in the recording of the “Hino dos 50 anos da RTP”. In 2009, Andrea and Liliana participated in two great successes of Portuguese house music. The first performed the theme “Selfish Love”, by DJ Pedro Cazanova and the second appears in the single “Ibiza for Dreams” by DJ Diego Miranda. In 2010, Liliana returned to work with Diego Miranda – also joining DJ Villanova -, in “Just Fly”.

In 2012, Rita Reis replaced Mónica Ferraz as the lead singer of the Mesa project.
In 2014, Liliana and Andrea formed the Kaya project, which fuses Portuguese music with African rhythms.

On June 26, 2018, Nonstop got together for a special concert at Lisboa Arraial Pride in Praça do Comércio, in Lisbon.

In March 2021, the members of the group considered the possibility of going on a special tour, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Nonstop, stating that this would depend on the evolution of the pandemic situation in Portugal

On September 3rd, Liliana Almeida, one of the members of the girl band, published several videos on the social network Instagram, where she shows that Nonstop are in rehearsals for an imminent return to the stage.

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