Chat rooms on, music and more of the same

So, once again, speaking of “radios”/streamings, and Portuguese popular music, yes, more of the same…

Every time I enter a chat room, especially on, I don’t know if I should broadcast on that same radio, or if I should leave right away.

People are increasingly unaware of our Portuguese music, the only music that plays, and in the opinion of the announcers, it is a pseudo-romantic style, for two hours straight. Mostly Italian, Spanish, even Arabic, and all the music has a light and serene tone.

Then there are those who streams exclusively “pimalhada” or party bands which they call Portuguese popular music. I am quite amazed, for realizing that we Portuguese, it seems, don’t give much importance to music, and current bands and artists. Yes, we give more value to what comes from outside,… so what about us?

At this very moment, while writing this article, I enter a chat room, and I am taken with folk music…

All web radios on these platforms play exactly the same style of music, which they say is for Portuguese communities in other countries, such as England, France, Germany, etc.

I even understand the point of these so-called community radios.
The age range of the listeners is around between 40 and 80 years old, people who were born at a time when the music of our country was not yet very developed, so many of these people, mainly from the Portuguese villages, only listened to folklore ranches and dance music from each region. And when I say dance music I’m not talking about disco or club music.

I complain a lot about the radios in chat rooms, but let’s face it that if we do a little navigation through some of these spaces, you’ll hear exactly the same style in all of them.

A brief example is some non-existent radio stations and which I gave the impulse for a more eclectic playlist, we are talking about RLB (Rádio Luso Britannica), Radio Tendências, and finally Clave24 when it had streaming. In none of these radios there was popular music on the auto-dj, on the other hand, if a broadcaster wanted to do his transmission in his style, he could do it without any problem.

Nowadays, things are very different and, a study carried out by Clave24, shows that if a broadcaster with a lot of experience makes a so-called professional transmission like on FM radios, it is not very well accepted, but even so, they let him stay in the radio station.

It would be much better if a group of approximately 8 to 10 broadcasters each did a different program, with different styles of music, but there it is, it’s more of the same and it’s understandable why some radio stations have their days counted and doesn’t always last as long they should, such as Radio Vertente.

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