Ocaso Épico

Ocaso Épico were formed in 1981 by Farinha (Carlos Cordeiro).

The theme “Memórias”, recorded on October 19, 1984, by Farinha (voice, guitar, flute, keys), Alberto Garcia (drums), Anabela Duarte (voice, performance and keys), Ricardo Camacho (percussion) and Rui Magalhães (bass), appears on the compilation “Ao Vivo No Rock Rendez-Vous em 1984” with the title “Intro”.

They are considered the best live band of 1984, together with GNR, for the program “Som da Frente” by António Sérgio.

Anabela Duarte left the group in March 1985 after a concert in the theater “A Barraca”.

There was a year when they were the group that played the most at Rock Rendez-Vous. They are invited by Mário Guia (Dansa do Som, Rock Rendez-Vous) to record an album. The recordings took place over several months. More than one group previously functioned as Farinha Master’s personal project.

The album “Much Thank you” was released in 1988. Pedro Barrento, Rui Mofreita, Zé Nabo, Alberto Garcia, Rui Fingers, Ricardo Camacho and José Carrapato participated in the album.

In 1989, the model “Desperdícios” was released, resulting from several recording sessions. One of the musicians participating in this recording was Carlos Zíngaro (also a occasional collaborator of Zao Ten). “Environmental experimentalism, orientalism, one or another “industrial” rhythm and other things finished in Zen. And the characteristic humor of Farinha Master in titles such as “Download Animal Protein”, “Alvaloid”, etc.” (TP)

They appear on the compilation “Insurrectos”, which also included Zao Ten, with “Uma Bica e um Neubauten”.

The group continues to work, with songs such as “Sonic Yuppie” and “Atalaia” being highlighted during this period. The group stops shortly after.

In June 1993, the return concert took place at Caixa Económica Operária, with the first part of Subterfúgio. However, the group performed without Farinha (Dr. Zao Ten) who was stuck at home due to the flu.

Mário Guia even announced the entry into the studio of Ocaso Épico, scheduled for January 1995, to record a second album, but this did not materialize.

Thank you very much (LP, Dansa do Som, 1988)
Waste (K7, Tragic Figures, 1989)

Ao Vivo No Rock Rendez-Vous (1984) – Intro
Insurrectos (1990) – A Bica and a Neubauten
Feedback (1990) – Entre Barreiras / D. Suzete
Brain Corrosion (1992) – M. Obx

Born in 1957, Farinha studied engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico, soon integrating multiple artistic activities, most notably playing bagpipes and stylophone in a popular music group. He studied guitar, flute and voice at Hot Clube and did theater at Centro Cultural Roque Gameiro and circus at Chapitô (even performing plays at Teatro da Comuna with this group in a theater-circus show by Henrique Tenreiro). His theatrical production earned him his first synthesizer, bought with money he made from a show.

Parallel to these performing activities, he was always practicing and internalizing Eastern philosophy. In 1976, he took yoga at the Ogian Center Tibetan Center and in 1980, he studied yin-yang philosophy at the Kuchi Institute. But it was in music that his influence was most notable and his activity most continuous. His first pop-rock group appeared in 1980 and was called “WC”, integrating members such as Anabela Duarte and Manuel Machado, companions also from later groups, and where he explored the guitar, flute and voice.

In 1981, they formed the emblematic “Ocaso Épico”, which unequivocally marked the pop music of the 80s. Forever linked to the heyday of Rock Rendez-Vous, they were one of the bands that performed the most live performances in that mythical concert hall. In 1988, they released the album “Very Thank you”, published by Dansa do Som. All the lyrics and music were composed by Farinha and the musicians who participated were: Pedro Barrento, Rui Moreita, Zé Nabo, Alberto Garcia, Rui Fingers, Ricardo Camacho and José Carrapato, and with the collaboration of Mário Guia in the recording.

(text from Público newspaper published on the occasion of Farinha Master’s death)

The band Ocaso Épico emerged in Portugal in the early 80s, as a paradigm of new Portuguese music, creating a never before inhabited space of Portuguese folklore with an industrial nature. For those who know the Lp’s “Intro” theme live at the late Rock-Rendez-Vous, you can certainly discover that this was the birthplace of many new ideas for the sound of modern Portuguese music, with lyrics in Portuguese, also sung in keys of ” phado” by Anabela Duarte and in a duet with the Alentejo singing of Carlos Cordeiro/Farinha Master (now gone but here being remembered with nostalgia for what he did and what he could still have done to shatter the waters of the swamp or doldrums of the musical panorama Portuguese.

Never Forgotten Flour Master

by Charlie

«I should have already recorded the album, but I wasn’t ready. It has a lot to do with the karmic load, which is the guiding thread of actions that give rise to reactions, reactions that lead to actions… What I can tell you is that I’ve been doing yoga for 15 years…» Blitz nº 200 (30/08/88)

Farinha (Carlos Cordeiro) passed away on February 18, 2002. At the time of his death, he led Angra do Budismo, a project founded in 1999, which included Luís Bernardo (electric guitar), Sabini (bass) and Sara Belo (vocals) and who launched the “TransMutação” model. In the 90s, Farinha also participated in projects such as “Zaoten”, alongside names such as violinist Carlos Zíngaro and João Sampaio, “The Pé” and “K4-Quadrado Azul”. It is also worth mentioning his musical production for animated films, where he composed music for two films by António Rocha. (Public).

Ricardo Camacho and Alberto Garcia appear linked to the band, but only as temporary collaborators. (JN) Drummer Alberto Garcia played with Rádio Macau. Rui Fingers was part of the V12.

Manuel Machado’s only connection to music is only when he plays with his son. Rui was in Belgium, returned to Portugal, but is not connected to music. For his part, Paulo lives in Canada, where he continues his musical activity. (JN) Manuel Machado was part of the first formation of Angra do Budismo.

José Paulo Andrade was the guitarist for V12. With his project Gamma Ray Blast he released the EP “5 Dimensions”.

error! is a musical project by João Palma with a musical past in bands such as Zao Ten, Ocaso Épico, Profilaxia and Feijão Freud.

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