Repórter Estrábico is a Portuguese electronic pop rock band, formed in the 80s. This is a band from Porto that defines itself as the author of “ironic techno pop”.

In their original formation, Repórter Estrábico were: Paula Sousa (synthesizer, sampler, piano and voice), António Olaio (voice), Paulo Lopes (guitar), Luciano Barbosa (rhythm box, percussion and voice), José Ferrão (guitar ) and Anselmo Canha (bass).

In 1991, they released the album Uno Dos, with songs such as “Disco Heavy”, “Pois, Pois” and “John Wayne”.

The album Bigo was released in 1994. It was followed by a Silver Record in 1995.

On the Nortesul label, they released the album Mouse Music (1999).

In the following years, the EP Requiem (2002) and Eurovision (2004) were released. Afterwards, the band went on hiatus.

Luciano Barbosa, Anselmo Canha, Paulo Lopes and Manuel Ribeiro returned in 2017, after a 10-year break, having performed at Teatro Rivoli, as part of the Porto Best Of cycle. In 2018, they released the single “Separa o Lixo”.

Luciano Barbosa, its charismatic leader and vocalist, real name Gonçalo Vaz, passed away on May 2, 2019, at the age of 60.

Uno Dos (1991)
Bigo (1994)
Silver Record (1995)
Mouse Music (1999)
Requiem (EP) (2002)
Eurovisão (2004)

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