Onda Choc

Os Onda Choc was a group originally created by singer Ana Faria, in late 1986, after the success of the Ministars that appeared that same year.

Ana Faria was a remarkable name for people who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s, her musical projects have always been successful and it was rare for a child who didn’t have a vinyl or a cd of her, Queiinhos Frescos or the band she created. in the second half of the 80s, the Onda Choc.

It was in 1986 that this children’s band appeared, made up of boys and girls between 10 and 15 years old who basically sang covers of well-known songs, many of them in the top of that year, National or International. The k7’s dominated all squares and fairs in our country and they were a constant presence of several television programs, and the annual appearance at the great Christmas gala of the Hospitals was one of the most awaited moments by the children who followed the program with their family.

The first LP came out with the band’s name in 1987 and soon reached the Gold Record for sales of over 20 thousand units, it was also released in k7 and its biggest success was the adaptation of “in the army now”, called “Vais p ‘rá tropa pá” that had the participation of Ana Faria’s old band, the Queijinhos Frescos.

In its repertoire, the group contained songs adapted from international hits and reported the daily problems of young people, such as love affairs among other experiences. In 1987, the album “Onda Choc” was released. In the same year, the album “Namoro” follows.

In 1988, the albums “Vem Dançar!” and At My Age. In 1989 they released the albums “Será que Ele Pensa em Mim?” it’s the most beautiful”. They released the albums “Cantando pela Praia” and “Feira Popular”, in 1990.

1991 is the year of “Big Vacations” and “Ela só Quer, só Pensa em Namorar”. In 1992, the albums “Não tem Idade para Amar-te” and “Cabecinha no Ombro” were released. In 1993 they released the albums “Viva o Verão!” and He is the King. In 1994, the albums “Comboio sem Volta” and “Doces p’ró Meu Doce” followed.

In 1995, the albums “Carinha de Santo” and “Final Feliz” were released. The album “O Rádio semper a Tocar” was released in 1996. In the same year, the CD “Vamos Apaixonada” was released. 1997 is the year of “Um Sonho a Dois” and “Trust Me”.

In 1988, there was not a child in the country who did not know the lyrics of “Na minha age”, the biggest hit of the album with the same name that the band released that year and which reached platinum record with sales over 50 thousand units. It was already a given that the band had conquered its space, despite opting for songs that were sometimes calmer and with a more “sweetie” lyrics than their rival band, the Ministars.

The following year the band released 2 albums and achieved the feat of reaching Platinum on both discs. Despite this, only the latter dominated radio and TV with its own version of the mega hit “Lambada”. In the beginning of the following decade, the success continued for the band based in Oeiras and, despite having only reached the gold record, it was one of the biggest milestones of the band and the one that many today still remember from the lyrics of the songs. The biggest hit was the one that many immediately associate the band with, “Bikinino polka dots yellow” which was something much livelier than the usual Onda Choc repertoire and even more in line with what the Ministars sang.

Throughout their career, Onda Choc sold more than one million records.

Some of the group’s members managed to continue their artistic career, such as the singer Pedro Camilo and the actress Joana Seixas (who belonged to the group in the 80’s) and the singers Micaela (who belonged to the group in the 90’s) and Marisa Liz (ex-vocalist of the musical band Donna Maria and current vocalist of the band Amor Electro).

In 2006, Heduíno Gomes reactivated Onda Choc with the collaboration of Renato Carrasquinho and a new album was released (after a seven-year break).

With the second album of that year, Onda Choc returned to platinum status with the success of the album “Feira Popular” thus showing that their success would continue in this new decade despite the constant change of elements of the group due to the “age” factor.

In 1991 there was the mega hit “She just wants, only thinks about dating” while in 1993 I still accompanied and sang one of his biggest hits “Ele é o Rei”.

The band continued to release records until the end of the Millennium, but never achieved any major success like those of the past decades. I have 2 k7’s, a vinyl and the greatest hits cd that was released in the 2000s and I still enjoy listening to some of the songs because they take me on a journey through the memories of a better time of my childhood where I listened to them together with another children’s band of the moment, the Ministars. As a curiosity there are some personalities of our time who started their career in this band, Pedro Camilo, Micaela and Donna Maria are some of the best known. It’s impossible not to think about this band due to its success and the constant flow of their songs, as a whole they sold more than a million records, which in our country is something worth noting.

More than 200 children went through Onda Choc.

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