Formed in 1963, in Lisbon, Os Ekos are one of the most important references of what became known as “yé yé”.
At the origin of Os Ekos was the vocalist Edmundo Falé, coming from the Baby Twisters, another group from Lisbon, and his origins were in the Campo de Ourique area.

The initial formation also included Mário Guia (drums), António Joaquim Vieira (bass), Joca Santos (rhythm guitar) and João Camilo Júnior (solo guitar).
In 1964 they met the singer of the British Shadows, in Albufeira. Cliff Richard (who still lives in the Algarve today and is involved in the wine business in that region) becomes a friend of the members of the group.

As Os Ekos were very fond of Cliff’s themes, Shadows hired a second vocalist, Zé Luís, who sang all the songs of the English band, which the public requested in their shows.
Edmundo Falé left Os Ekos, still in 1964, and joined Conjunto Mistério, another famous band of the time, which would be the origin of Quarteto 1111.

In 1965, they edited their first EP, after getting a record contract with the Alvorada label, which contains the theme “Esquece”, a version of “Hold On” by P. J. Proby. The disc still contained the original themes “Os Tristes Olhos”, “Lamento Ao Céus” and “Ilusion”.
In live shows, in addition to playing some originals, Os Ekos made versions of the Rolling Stones, Beatles or Animals and became very famous for that very reason.

A new EP, which included the themes “Diz Que Me Amas”, “O Nosso Amor Terminado”, “Today, Tomorrow And Always” and “Mentira” is released in 1965.
In 1966, a new EP was released, this time with completely original songs by the band: “Só”, “Oh! Isabel”, “Vou Ficar Sem Ti” and “À Espera Da Nossa Vez”.
In 1966 the band undergoes a remodeling of elements due to the mandatory military service related to the colonial war and only Mário Guia and João Júnior remain from the original formation.
For the places of the remaining elements enter Zé Nabo, Luís Paulino and Tony Costa.

The latter is in charge of the keys and the band also undergoes an evolution in its musical style, embarking on original themes sung in English and a more “beat” sound.
In 1966, a new EP with 4 tracks was released, including “Secret Love” and “Baby On My Mind”.
In 1967 they released another EP with the themes “I Saw That Girl”, “A Place In Your Heart”, “Nova Geração” and “We’re Gonna Be Free”.
After agreeing to accompany Magdalena Pinto Basto, a new star of his label, on the recordings of the singer’s debut EP, João Júnior decides to move to Angola and only Mário Guia remains as an element of the original line-up, having decided to break up with the band. Shortly afterwards he became manager of Objectivo, one of the most important bands in the Portuguese rock scene.

In the early 1970s, some members of Os Ekos decided to reform the band and include a brass section, similar to bands like Chicago or Blood Sweat And Tears.
The band now consists of Joca Santos, António Vieira, Zé Luís, Carlos Teixeira and Franklin Simões.
In 1970 they recorded the group’s last EP, which included the themes “Sol E Paz”, “Ardendente”, “Habitat 736” and “Verdade”.

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