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Sérgio Nunes was born on May 8, 1982, in Portimão. Since 1993 he has participated in several festivals where he got some 1st and 2nd places. Through fado he obtained 1st and 3rd places in the Grande Noite de Fado in Porto and Lisbon. He also participated in television programs such as “Os principals” (semifinals) and “Big Show sic” where he won the final of the category “os cantores”.

The publishing house Lusosom released its debut album in 1997, where the theme “Lenda da Fonte” stands out. It reaches a silver disc. In the same year, he participated in the project Hand in Hand, with several artists from the label: Mónica Sintra, Chiquita, Claudisabel, António Rosa, Hugo Manuel, Nelo Ferreira, Miguel Moreno, Sandra Helena, Maria Mendes, Sérgio Agón, Jessé and Miguel Rivotii. In 1998, he released his second work: “Há Fadista”, again on Lusosom.

In 2001 he released the CD “Rouxinol da Ribeira” Rouxinol da Ribeira, produced and accompanied by Jorge Fernando and with guest appearances by Custódio Castelo and Marino de Freitas.

The fadist would eventually passed away in April 2001, victim of a car accident while traveling to promote that album.

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