Pedro e Os Lobos

Pedro e Os Lobos is the solo project of Portuguese musician Pedro Galhoz, founded in the city of Almada in 2010.

Marked by an indie rock sound, with guitars as the central figure of the compositions, Pedro e Os Lobos has the particularity of the constant rotation of musicians. On the one hand, the live component is supported by a band in a quartet format, on the other, the studio work uses a varied range of guests.

Formed at the end of 2010, Pedro e Os Lobos is a solitary and daring project that crosses several musical styles within the rock universe, with a greater focus on indie rock. Created by Pedro Galhoz – guitarist, composer and mentor of the band – his compositions reflect concerns, feelings and observations about life. With the experience acquired in the bands LovedStone, and later Plastica, with several successful works released in the 1990s, Pedro decided, in 2010, to form a live support band and invite other musicians to provide vocals in the studio. Since these musicians are just collaborators, who come and go without there being a fixed band structure, Pedro decided to call them Wolves.

On March 18, 2011, at the Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval, in Sintra, they presented the album of the same name, which was well received by critics, but left great expectations about the quality of future editions. The concert served as the starting point for a national tour. On the debut album, edited and distributed by Ranging Planet, the intersection of various cultures and musical styles, cinematic environments and the passion for the old blues masters was notable. For the presentation single, the theme “Foi Por Amor Que Me Entreguei” was chosen, a song about universal love and unconditional surrender without creating any expectation of return.

On May 1, 2013, the single “Há Lá Coisa Mais Bela” was released with the vocal participation of Ana Figueiras, but the solidity of the project arrived the following year with the release, on October 6, of the album Um Mundo Almost Perfect (2014) which catalyzed Galhoz to national recognition. The presentation single was the song “Alma e Sangue” performed by fado singer Aldina Duarte. Shortly afterwards, the second single “Volta à Morte” was released with vocals by João Rui from A Jigsaw.

The album is made up of seven songs and features the voices of António Manuel Ribeiro from UHF and Carlos Nobre (ex Da Weasel), respectively, on the songs “O Diabo Sabe o Meu Nome” and “Num Mundo Almost Perfeito”. Tó Trips, from Dead Combo, participates with acoustic guitar on the song “Osarms do Sol”. It is a realistic work, pure and without subterfuge, sometimes losing the balance of words and political correctness, with lyrics devoid of large coverings, pure in their essence and in the account of the human condition. The title of the album is coated with irony, as it is based on a parallelism in which the world we have is compared with the world we could have.

It’s my way of looking at the world or at least part of it. We spend our lives judging and being judged, fighting petty fights, applauding great (insignificant) deeds, suffering the pain of oppressed peoples, but from a distance. However, we are not capable of solving humanity’s basic problems, such as hunger. We continue to show war and hide love! It is therefore an almost perfect world.

Pedro Galhoz talks about the message of the album An Almost Perfect World.

An Almost Perfect World was designed by Pedro Galhoz as the ‘A side’ of a work to be complemented with the release of an album called ‘B side’. The new album, published by Altafonte, was released two years later, on November 4, 2016, with the title Este Chão Que Pisamos. The first breakthrough was the single “Um Dia Assim” which featured vocals from Jorge Benvinda, from Virgem Suta. Other guests gave voice to Pedro Galhoz’s words, such as Adolfo Luxúria Canibal, in the song “Somos Pró Que Somos”, and Viviane in “O Tempo é Ferro”. Of particular note is the instrumental version of the song “Andalucia”, originally released on the debut album in 2011, and which appears on the soundtrack of the short film Luto Branco (2015). In the third work, the author continued to show his passion for mixing different cultures, for the desert, for soundtracks and for the classics of American folk rock.

On January 12, 2018, the single “Espera Por Mim” was released, a simple song that promotes unity and solidarity. For the author: “In solitude there is no wealth.”

On February 7, 2020, the fourth studio album Além da Tempestade was presented, an album that addresses more universal themes than the intimate themes of previous works. The band’s work has a strong message of unity, solidarity and humanization. The presentation single was “Corro Com o Vento”, an inspiring song that encourages overcoming obstacles and makes us believe that it is still worth dreaming and fighting for dreams.

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