Portugal Music, 2nd Anniversary

Portugal Music is to be congratulated today on completing its 2nd anniversary!

During the previous year we were able to share several Portuguese bands and singers with the world and try to make this site a place where the greatest icons of the music that is made here come together, and at the same time learn the journey and the songs of more than 300 artists.

A brief history of Portugal Music:

The Portugal Music was a project created on January 1st, 2022 by Carlos De Castilho. Initially it was a online radio station with “Radio” brand at the beginning and with the aim to broadcast in Portuguese for 24 hours.

Later in August 2022, it was decided that it would be better idea to end the online radio/streaming and continue with articles, while also promoting bands and including a radio library.

When we post about Portuguese bands and singers, we are not taking over their music, texts, images or other content. What we are doing is spreading them throughout the world and making known the best that is made in terms of music in our country.

What next for Portugal Music?

Because this is a site that mostly mentions Portuguese music, our goal in the future will be to invite these same bands and singers that still exist to participate in this blog. Possibly with interviews and various other factors relevant to them.

We intend to create a weekly podcast in English where we will share a little of the music of each band and singer with a brief description of their musical biography so that other countries can also get to know our culture.

Something interesting will be inviting people to create their podcasts and talking, for example, about the songs that most marked their lives, and where at the same time a team would be formed to boost this Clave24 project.

In the future, we are thinking of creating a specific section for new web radios and future xat broadcasters where we will teach some basic rules about this topic, and help to develop their broadcasts in a more professional way.

These are some of the novelties that we will try to put into practice for this new year.

Come with us and participate by showing your web radio, podcast or your texts on our website and make it the best blog ever!

Thanks to everyone who accompanied us in 2023!
Good year everyone!

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