With a career spanning over 30 years and a set of unique songs, QUINTA DO BILL is arguably the greatest Portuguese folk rock band. The eight albums of edited originals prove the diversity of a work that mixes the emotion of ballads with the contagious energy of folk and rock. With the motto “make each concert a great party”, the band is known precisely for unforgettable performances, which linger in the memory of those who see them live.

There is no one who remains indifferent to them. Songs such as “Os Filhos da Nação”, “Voa, voa”, “Se Te Amo”, “Srª Maria do Olival”, “Menino”, among many others, are true hymns, effusively sung by an audience of different generations. With the aim of making everyone jump, QUINTA DO BILL takes carefully prepared shows on tour every year, seeking to make each concert a unique experience.

QUINTA DO BILL was created in 1987 by Carlos Moisés, Paulo Bizarro.

Characterized by its folk-rock orientation, the band quickly conquered its place in music in Portugal. In 1992 they released their first album “Sem Rumo”. The band’s affirmation comes with the album “Os Filhos da Nação”, with a resounding success, released in 1994. “O Trilho do Sol”, released in 1996, breaks sales record again, with emphasis on the themes, “No rail of the Sun” and “If I Love You”. Parallel to the major tours that they annually carry out, the band continues to publish originals with the album “Dias da Cumplicitidade”. The first single from the album “Voa (voa)” is in high rotation on all national radio stations. In 1999 they edited the “Best of”, followed by “Nómadas” in 2001, “Ao Vivo Tour 2003” in 2003 and the return to the originals in 2006 with “A Hora das Colmeias”.

Between discographic editions, awarded several gold discs, and long tours with concerts throughout the country, the band reaches its 20-year career. To commemorate the date, they perform a commemorative concert in Tomar, where the band originates from, being recorded on CD and DVD – “QUINTA DO BILL –20 Anos ao vivo”. This is followed by the edition of “7”, the seventh disc of originals.

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of their career, they released the album “25 anos – As balladas”, which brings together two unpublished themes together with the great ballads that the band had released throughout their career.

In 2013 the band ends the year, after a tour with more than 40 shows, with a concert for 100 thousand people on Avenida dos Aliados (Porto), entering 2014 with the tour “Siga a Festa”. In 2014, parallel to the tour, they enter the studio to compose the new album of originals, also preparing a large production for Coliseu do Porto on October 25, 2014. The concert at the coliseum results in the edition of the CD / DVD “Sinfônico” published in 2015. The new songs are released on the market through the 8th album of originals – “Todas as Estações” – released in 2016. In 2017 Quinta do Bill celebrates 30 years of activity.

The group is characterized by its own style, eclectic but easily distinguishable, with diverse influences, the most obvious being traditional Celtic, Muslim, and Amerindian music – although influences can also be mentioned from Portuguese popular music or Jazz. The name of the group refers to the place where the first elements of the group met to rehearse – the farm of a certain Senhor Guilherme (Bill, in English). The first members of the group were Carlos Moisés (vocalist, guitar and flute), Rui Dias (guitar) and Paulo Bizarro (bass). Later, João Coelho (drums), Pedro Ferreira (keys) and Fernando Paulo joined the group, who left the group a few months later.

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