Remembering Fido Number 1

In the beginning of the 90’s, a collection appeared that served as an alternative to the Hit Parade and Jackpot that still existed. Using the image of Fido, 7up’s mascot, he tried to appeal to a younger audience and revitalize the collections market.

I remember seeing this on vinyl and tape (cassette), but unlike Hit Parade and Jackpot, it was the Fido Presente N1 cd that won over the public. The 90s called for another image, and Fido Dido, the cool character who brought the advertising to 7up to life, was the ideal choice to star in the covers of these collections.

2 were published a year, in the summer and at Christmas, a little like the famous collection NOW, and like this one, it also brought 2 cd’s full of that year’s hits. Published between 1991 and 1996, the collections were a huge sales success, dethroning the champions of the time, who ended up disappearing, and only knew a rival in the collections of dance songs that were edited by Vidisco (and for a totally different audience).

This collection also had the particularity of having songs from all the major labels of the time (Sony, BMG, EMI), and that’s why success was normal, since it could present all the singers and hits of that year.

There were 2 national songs, and many international hits, remember these songs? This was one of the most popular of this collection, as well as the one from 1993, which I reproduce here the cover and list of songs.

This cd has one of the best music lists in a collection, and I had the cd that I listened to quite a few times, especially the first one, which I played from start to finish non-stop.

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