seBENTA are a Portuguese rock band. The project began in 2004 and features Paulecas (bass and vocals), André Fadista (drums), Ricko (guitars)

His first album released was “O Beijo” in 2006, produced by Flak (Rádio Macau and Micro Audio Waves). The work consists of 10 themes, almost all original, except Hello, I Have to Go Andando by Jorge Palma and a poem by José Luís Peixoto. There are also appearances by Gui, saxophonist from Xutos & Pontapés, Iza Peixinho with transverse flute, Carlos Miguel on drums and Margarida Cardeal with her voice in the poem (O Beijo).

His second album was released in 2008, with 11 songs and is titled “Efeito Secundário”, produced by Cajó (producer of Xutos & Pontapés). Participating in this are Gui, Marcelo Wig (Patrick Wolf’s drummer) on programming and keyboards, José Luís Peixoto as the author of an original poem and the actress Margarida Cardeal, who gave voice to that poem.

At the beginning of 2012, seBENTA returned to the studio, Estúdios Namouche, to record their third album “Coração Parte Um”.

The first single from the album, Grita Pelo Nosso Amor, with lyrics by Paulecas, music by seBENTA (Paulecas, Fadista and Quico), was also produced by them, mixed by Joaquim Monte at Estúdios Namouche, mastered in New York, at MasterDisk studios, by Andy VanDette, and produced at MPO in late February 2012, also marked the band’s transition to the newly formed label Indies & Co. Boys.

The official launch event was at Pensão Amor, in Lisbon, on April 24th.

In May 2015, seBENTA released a new single “VIVE”, featuring Zé Pedro (Xutos & Pontapés) and renowned surfer Garrett McNamara.

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