As Tentações was a Portuguese girl band formed in Lisbon, Portugal in 1996 by singer, songwriter and producer Tony Carreira.

The band, made up of Sofia, Carla Janeiro, Dulce Areia, Nicole Quartin and Sónia Brazão, released their first album, Entrega Total, in 1996. The single of the same name was a success and the group was soon at the height of its success.
Over the next two years, two members, Sofia and Carla Janeiro leave the band and are replaced by Suzana and Helga Barroso.
The band finally released Nunca Me Percas, their second album, in 1999 promoted through the first single Hey DJ, a dance music-influenced song about surviving a breakup.

Soon after the end of the band, the members of the group dedicated themselves to different projects.
Suzana was the first to release a solo album, just six months after the band broke up. Sónia Brazão established herself as a well-known telenovela actress while Nicole Quartin was a contestant on the first Portuguese edition of Big Brother Famosos, having released her first and only solo single, Stay, after being kicked out of the reality show.

A few years later, Helga Barroso became a model and released a few solo albums, while Dulce Areia (daughter of the famous actor Carlos Areia) and Carla Janeiro started to work as theater singers and dancers.

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