The difference between recorded and live broadcasts

Why do online radio administrators, usually at, don’t like recorded broadcasts and prefer their broadcasters to do only live shows?

First of all, we have to realize that live broadcasts on these radios are limited to songs requested by listeners. Usually the people who do the live broadcasts have plenty of time available at a certain time and on certain days and can commit to being live on the radios.

In the case of people who have working jobs where the schedules are not fixed or for some other personal reasons, they can only be present when availability allows it and when these persons want to commit to being in the slots scheduled for their broadcasts, there are so-called podcasts or known also as recorded shows.

It turns out that when there is some “broadcasters” who have to record a show and distribute it, the administrators of those same web radio stations do not accept it and they think that podcasts are alternatives for those who don’t have knowledgement or cannot do live radio.

But not quite.

In a live broadcast, people almost freely say what comes to mind, say random things, play the music they have on their playlist (which is not always structured), and for two hours play songs requested by listeners or announce the music what happened and what will happen next. These emissions are also known as “emissions made on top of the knee”. The person goes online and passes the songs he has and there is not, in most cases, a specific theme or topic. In this way, anyone can go live on this type of radios.

With regard to recorded broadcasts, or simply podcasts, the scenario is quite different.

There is a theme, or several topics that can be addressed without interruptions on the part of the listener. These podcasts can last from 30 to 60 minutes and are generally prepared with a certain predefined content by the editor or announcer of the show.

A podcast can take about a week to create. You need to have content organized where research was previously done, music choice, sometimes audio editing, you can eventually also have music requested depending on the style of show and depending on how many podcasts are created they should never be the same.

Recorded broadcasts are used so that an announcer always has his presence on a certain day and time, especially if his personal life does not allow it to be possible to perform live shows all the time.
It’s not about not knowing how to broadcast, but rather a way of not failing the radio you’re on.

On the other hand, there are announcers who prefer to publicize their shows on several radios. There is usually a website where it is possible to download the audio and anyone who wants can put it to play live on a streaming or radio, whether FM or internet radio.

These are some of the myths that must be broken and that some online radio stations should adhere to more.

There is a lot of work behind a podcasts project that people still don’t understand and that they should realize that it is something that requires a lot of elaboration and that it is done with a lot of dedication and commitment.

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