Mónica Sintra, stage name of Mónica Alexandra Correia Cachopo, (Lisbon, June 10, 1978) is a Portuguese singer.

In 1992 she joined the Jovem Cantores de Lisboa, a choir directed by singer Ana Faria with whom she recorded two albums. She participated in a musical contest on TVI’s “Momentos de Glória” television program, presented by Manuel Luis Goucha, where she won first place.

She started singing lessons with teacher Cristina de Castro. In 1994 she released her debut record Tu És o Meu Herói. In 1995 she released the album “Bola de Cristal” through the same label. It was also at this time that she joined the voluntary corps of the Sintra Firefighters, an activity for which she became very popular with the public.

In 1997 he participated in the project “De Mãos dadas”, launched by Lusosom, with artists such as Claudisabel, Chiquita, António Rosa, Hugo Manuel, Nelo Ferreira, Miguel Moreno, Sandra Helena, Maria Mendes, Sérgio Agón, Jessé, Sérgio Nunes, Miguel Rivotti and Karla & Paquito.

In 1998, with the recording of the album “After all there was another”, he receives his first platinum record, an award that he repeats the following year with the album “Na Minha Cama Com Ela”. In 2004 she participates in the magazine “Arre Potter, que é Demais”, in Parque Mayer. The book “A um Passo do Abyss” is launched.

In 2006, she released the album À Espera de Ti, which marked a turning point in the singer’s career. Two years later, Acredita is edited.

She participates in the “Portuguese Heart” project with names such as José Alberto Reis and Pedro Camilo. 2011 is the year of Um Grande Amor, produced by Ménito Ramos. Currently, she continues to release albums of Portuguese music, give concerts and even lends her voice to several television soundtracks.

The song “Afinal there was another” was performed in English by singer David Fonseca at the request of Gato Fedorento and was sung at the XXXVII Gala dos Tesourinhos Deprimentes.

In 2018 she participated in TVI’s “A Tua Cara Não É Estranha” program, and was a guest commentator on “Late Night Secret”, from Casa dos Segredos 7.

Here are two more songs from this fantastic singer.

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