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As you all know, on this Portuguese music blog we don’t just talk about our music and our artists. We also talk about the best (or worst) web radios, and all of them for obvious reasons.

Today we are going to learn more about Web Radio Top60 Olhão, or, more specifically, its administrator João Paulo Grilo.

This was an online radio where a few years ago I had the opportunity to voice over, and as can sometimes happen, I had to leave to pursue other projects on a personal and entertainment level.

At the time I had a streaming service that wasn’t even a radio like many found in chat rooms, it was a page that only had a player with music playing and nothing more than that. After some lives on Top60 Olhão, the administrator contacted me via WhatsApp asking if I had a radio.

Obviously I said no and it was just a player playing music. Needless to say, the administrator almost insulted me. I was asked to leave his online radio but without first being called a liar, a deceiver, a stealer of listeners and speakers, and, in the words of the admin, “it would be good if I never appeared in his chat room again”.

João Paulo Grilo - Admin of Top60Olhão Web Radio
João Paulo Grilo – Admin of Top60Olhão Web Radio

On no occasion when I was live on this online radio, did I talk about my streaming or the website I had. In fact, on any online radio station I go to, I always ask the admins or moderators if it’s possible for me to talk about my website, and at the time it was Clave24, which is now called PortugalMusic, it’s a blog, not a radio station.

Although I tried to explain what I really possessed, the administrator of this space never gave me the opportunity to express myself, and in his mind, I was making a huge mistake that would put me in a completely wrong picture of who I was. I was blocked on WhatsApp and Facebook by him, but we can still see his posts through other accounts.

Apparently, currently the admin of this online radio “sells radios”, that is, he sells streaming lines to anyone who wants to have an online radio. The question is: he doesn’t accept people who may have other radios, but he sell streaming lines for new webradios?… Confusing am I say.

One of the things I noticed at the time was the person’s arrogance and lack of trying to understand certain things that didn’t correspond to the picture he painted. And later on Facebook I find this gem:

Translated from good Portuguese it says:
“very good evening to all half-time radio broadcasters I sell first-class servers I don’t sell anything counterfeit without seporte, sickle-proof without defect and colality you pay servers from 2.50 3 euros per month for only one month. If you want to have good sound on your radio, don’t discount the price”

(There are so many spelling errors that even Google was struggling to get a good translation)

In other words, the person now has a business that we hope goes very well, but damn, a little humility here would be the icing on the cake, especially for a person who is against other online radio stations.

If a person has a business, even if they don’t make a living from it, we cannot use arrogance on the internet in any way, we have to be professional and know how to connect with other legitimate companies that may have some competitiveness. But never saying these types of things on the internet and especially in the name of an online radio.

In other words, sometimes we have to be a little open-minded, humble, and give respect. We all have differences and we can socialize with these same differences.

This type of web radio is for people to play, have a good time and have fun, no one lives or is a big business of online radio. We have to have our feet firmly on the ground, and our heads in place.

Let’s stop being arrogant.

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