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Well, actually, I don’t really know where to start, but to start this article, I’ll start by saying that there is no radio or streaming on that promotes and shows our music to the world… or at least to whom doesn’t know it.

If you do a search on the network of chat rooms at, you come across “radio” names that sound more like the name of a book you buy at a fair. Then there’s that part where we want to listen to the music that’s playing at that moment, bearing in mind that all these rooms have streaming.

Incredible as it may seem, all these streams play exactly the same musical style: popular portuguese music, party music, songs with lyrics of sexual connotation, Italian music, German music and music from many other countries whose lyrics we don’t understand, and most sometimes the so-called “pimbalhada” music.

Obviously, all the “songs” played on these radios or streamings are happy songs that aim to amuse people, and many people only know these styles, and there are those who also say that the style of music that is played is for the Portuguese communities, but Portuguese communities also like to listen to new music and different types.

Here, then, comes the promotion of Portuguese music… preferably with quality.
Very few people understand that there are new bands, singers and composers that appear every day with different styles of music. Not only party music, but for example pop-rock, djs, fado, pop, etc. And this unfortunately doesn’t happen on these radios because people don’t know these artists, they don’t even bother to make a research about new singers, bands or lyrics.

If you go on Tuga Hits Web Radio, which works more like a playlist and not exactly a radio, you will notice that all the music that is played is only and exclusively from Portuguese artists. David Fonseca, RAMP, Moonspell and others sing in English, but they are still Portuguese bands.

If you are not Portuguese, and to have an idea of the style of music that radios on xats usually broadcast, I will put 3 videos where you can understand what I am talking about:

Please note that I am not saying that I don’t like this musical style, the purpose of this article is to show those who do radio in xats that we have a wide range of new Portuguese music that is not broadcast on a platform that gives us total freedom to do so. But people deny the fact that we have all these tools together with new music, and don’t show and promote the work of our artists.

We need more Roquivários, Madalena Iglésias, Taxi, Delfins, GNR, and many other new bands that are appearing today. It doesn’t cost much to do some research and understand what’s trending musically, but it largely depends on who’s in charge of a project, and where they want it to go.

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