Trabalhadores Do Comércio

In 1979, Sérgio Castro and Álvaro Azevedo founded the Trade Workers (Trabalhadores Do Comércio). The main characteristics of the group were the fact of singing in nortense (Portuguese with a northern accent) and the humor of the lyrics of the songs. The debut album, released in 1980, was the single entitled “Lima 5”. In 1981, their first album was released, “Trips à Moda do Pôrto”, containing the band’s best-known theme: “Call the Police”. The second LP, “Nabraza”, was promoted throughout the country.

In 1986, the Trabalhadores competed in the Festival RTP da Canção with the theme “Os Tigres de Bengala S.F.R.”, ranked first ex-aequo and relegated to second place. They then recorded the mini-LP “Mais Um Membre P’rá Europa”. After a break of 4 years, the group reappears in 1990 with the album “Sermões a Todo o Rebanho”. In 1995 and 1996, two editions of the collection “O mais dos Trabalhadores do Comércio” were launched, with excellent reception. The sixth album appeared in 2007, with “Iblussom”, including 13 original songs and acclaimed by the most relevant sectors of the critics.

In concert at Casa da Música, the Trabalhadores Do Comércio (Trade Workers) premiered new songs included in the new album of originals.

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