Unknown Portuguese Bands, and Some That We Never Eard About

Today’s article is a little different because it won’t just talk about a single band as I’ve been doing so far, but it will show several songs or groups that I personally have never heard of, or maybe I’ve heard some vaguely, or the name of them it is not strange to me.

Interestingly some of these bands only created a handful of songs and it was not possible for them (for some reason) to continue their journey and some are actually really famous.

I would love to be able to interview some of these vocalists so that we can also get to know a little about them and their music, but we will be alert to be able to explore again since on the internet no discographies or their history were found.

Meanwhile, here is the list of unknown Portuguese bands or that we have never heard of.

Moe’s Implosion


Linda Martini

Belle Chase Hotel

Born A Lion


Queen Captain Amoung the Sailors

Old Yellow Jack

A Caruma

Sativa Band

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