Urb was formed by vocalist João Alexandre (Chana), guitarist José Garcia (Zezé), drummer António Garcia (Nini) and bassist Rodrigo Pacheco (Chói).

They participated in the II contest of modern music of Rock Rendez Vous where they obtained the 2nd place just behind the THC. In February 1986 they entered the studio to record two songs, produced by the group and Moz Carrapa, which would be included in the two compilations with songs from the 2nd RRV contest. “Levante” was included on the album “Música Moderna Portuguesa – 1st volume” and “Música Moderna Portuguesa – 2nd volume” includes the theme “Pecados”.

They would also record a model, produced by Paulo Junqueiro, in the old Rádio Triunfo studios. The group would break up shortly afterwards. Meanwhile the brothers Zezé and Nini Garcia went to the Mler Ife Dada.

In 1994 the compilation “Sons e Temas” was edited with themes from the two volumes of “Música Moderna Portuguesa”. Only the theme “Levante” was transferred to CD.



Portuguese Modern Music 1st Volume (1986) – Levante
Portuguese Modern Music 2nd Volume (1986) – Sins
Sounds and Themes (1994) – Levante


João Alexandre was part of Bye Bye Lolita Girl and Reflexo Tardio. Later he was in Taxi Driver who would later change their name to Inocentes and record the album “Idade da Inocência” (1998). As Clark, they released the album “Sombra da Lua” (2001).


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