Dealema is one of the oldest Portuguese hip hop groups. Formed in the 90s, with members from Vila Nova de Gaia and Porto, it was born from the merger of the group Factor X (Mundo Segundo, Mike and DJ Guze) with Fullashit (Fuse and Expeão), to which Maze joined, and all together they formed Dealema, which has been active for 20 years with exactly the same formation.

With an already vast musical career, 6 albums (of which 2 are EPs) and numerous collaborations, they have a solid base of followers, which has been growing in recent years, not only in Portugal, but in other Portuguese-speaking countries .

In July 1996, they released their first model, O Expresso do Submundo, available for free on the band’s SoundCloud page from 2014. The album was recently reissued in K7 format, a gift to fans who never had commercial access to this record.

In 2003, they released the eponymous album, Dealema, published by Norte Sul, which took the critics and the public by storm, showing that after all, hip-hop can also be expressed in Portuguese, with a sharp language and heavy beats. That year, Dealema’s media adventure began, making the cover of many magazines and playing at the biggest music festivals in Portugal.

Released from the Norte Sul label and now more independent than ever, they appeared in 2008 with V Império, an album that confirmed their status as a cult band, consolidating the Porto/Gaia axis as the hip-hop nation in Portugal. This album includes some of Dealema’s greatest anthems, such as Sala 101, still played live in many of the band’s concerts.

At the invitation of radio broadcaster and music programmer Henrique Amaro, they join a successful partnership with NOS Discos by editing the EP Arte de Viver, which came out in 2010. for editing.

In 2011, Dealema returned to heavy beats and darker lyrics with the album A Grande Tribulação. On this disc, the pentagon paints the canvas of the pre-apocalyptic moment that hangs over humanity. As always, his message directly intends to provoke concrete feelings in the listener, using poetry and environments full of intensity as a vehicle.

On December 14, 2013, they present the album Alvorada da Alma live at Hard Club. The album is a return to the origins, where it all began, to the passion for music from the first moment to what it represents today. The work features 12 guests for the first time, some of them international names from the hip hop scene and others from musical universes other than rap, denouncing a sonic diversity that has become grandiose.

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