Victor Manuel Marques Espadinha is a Portuguese musician and actor.

He lived in Mozambique between 1956 and 1964. His artistic life began in Lourenço Marques, at Teatro Avenida. He was also a journalist at the newspaper “A Tribuna”, in Lourenço Marques. Then he went to Northern Rhodesia where he worked for an English television station. He leaves for London where he attends several Theater courses while at the same time working at Hitachi, in Park Royal, and is an inspector at London’s Playboy, in Park Lane, professions he exercises in order to study.

In 1966, he made his debut at Teatro Villaret in a production by John Mac Grathuma in a comedy with names such as Eunice Muñoz, Rui de Carvalho, Rogério Paulo and João Perry. He also worked at Rádio Clube Português, as a radio presenter, at Diário Popular as a journalist, and at General Motors as advertising director.

In R.C.P., he becomes the first Portuguese disc jockey, and is one of the main interpreters of the famous Parodiantes de Lisboa.

In 1974, living in London, Vasco Morgado picked him up to star, at the Teatro Capitólio, in Lisbon, in one of the greatest theatrical hits of all time: “Show me your pool” which was on stage for two years.

He participates in the contest “A Visita da Cornelia” where he played a clown in a rabula. He signs a contract with Polygram to record 3 discs. The first two singles sold very little but “Recordar É Viver” (1978). became a great success.

In 1989 he presented on RTP the program “Para Variar” (where he said several times “Roda O Palco”). From 1987 to 1992 he is the protagonist of the great musical shows at Casino Estoril such as “Cabaret”, “Sinbad, O Marinheiro”, “Superman”, “Yellow Showmarine” and “007-Licença Para Jogar”.

He participated in the song “Ouvi Dizer” by Ornatos Violeta, in 1999. He was also an actor in the series “Os Malucos do Riso”.

He participates in the comedy “Às Nove Em Ponto”, at Teatro ABC, directed by Norberto Barroca.

In 2002, on the occasion of its 40 Years of Theater and 25 Years of Music, the album “Do Fundo do Coração” was released, which included a new version of “Recordar É Viver”.

He celebrates 45 years of his career, in 2007, with the edition of a compilation of his best songs and the launch of the book “Romance De Uma Vida”, written by João Luz, at the publisher Palavra.

In 2011 he joined the cast of the series “A Familia Mata” by SIC. That year Victor Espadinha celebrated 50 years on stage.

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