Cocktail was a Portuguese pop band in the 1970s. It was one of the first national girl bands. Names such as Rita Ribeiro, Maria Viana, Ágata and Lena Coelho passed through the group. The group recorded songs by Tozé Brito, Pedro Brito, Mike Sergeant, among others.

The group had a sound similar to Abba (the disco era in Portugal) and some German and Dutch female groups. They did not reach as much sophistication as Doce, which appeared in 1979, but they were precursors to that group.

Cocktail was formed in 1977 with Rita Ribeiro, 22 years old, Paula Delgado, 20, and Maria Viana, 19. “O Que passa passa” was the first single. The second single, released in 1978, was “S.O.S. Igual A Sós”.

Fernanda joined in May 1978. That year, the singles “Aquele Fim De Verão” and “Porta Fechada” and a compilation with the edited songs were released. The following year they go to the RTP da Canção Festival with “Ajante Virás”. Meanwhile, Rita Ribeiro left and in June 1979 Camélia Conde entered.

In 1980 the group moved to the Vadeca label and released the single “Nem 8 Nem 80”. At the end of 1980, the single “Pouco a Little” was released.

In 1981 they returned to the RTP Song Festival with “Vem Esquecer o Passado”. The single “Voltar Atrás” is also released. In 1982 he left the Camélia group and joined São.

The album “Tutti Frutti”, with songs such as “Macaco Nu” and “Honney Cannibal”, was released in 1982 by Vadeca. This album, a mix of very typical sounds from the early 80s, will be better understood when we look at those responsible for the authorship, arrangements and production. Manuel Cardoso, ex-Tantra and Pedro Luís from Da Vinci.

The group ended in 1984.

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