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Sandro G. was born in Sao Miguel Acores, the islands of portugal. His family immegrated to the united states when Sandro was 9 years old, as a child Sandro used hip hop music to learn the english language. This is when he found himself falling in love with rap music.

He started writing music at the age of 11. This is when Acoriano hip hop music was created, he wrote and sang his original rhymes to friends and cousins and everyone else that was around him at the time. Sandro G. grew up in east somerville ma. and east cambridge ma. two cities just five minutes away from downtown Boston. This is where Sandro learned and experienced the rough life that comes with the streets.

Sandro then teamed up with his best friend Bobby ( 2 g ) Sousa and created an album dedicated to portuguese people living in america. They signed a demo deal with indecent music and released one album with the label. Shortly after the album release Bobby Sousa was killed in a motor vechile accident. Sandro fell into depresion, the song ( eu nao vou chorar) was becoming a reality, and it quickly became a smash hit in the islands back home.

After Bobbys passing, Sandros carreer took a sudden turn. He became an overnight superstar in the Acores islands and portugal. Antonio Sousa was the very first disc jockey to play the record, and with his help, the album became a street buzz that the islands had never experienced before. With people of all ages dancing and singing to his music, Sandro G. was making the people back home proud of their music icon, coming from the bottom and making it to the top was not easy for him. With the memory of Bobby, still fresh in his mind, he still continued their dream.

Shortly after the success of the record, Sandro G. was flown to sao miguel Acores by R.T.P. television for an appearence on Bom dia Acores, a morning program hosted by Pedro Moura. He became an overnight superstar after his apearence on the show. Sandro began touring the Acores and started promoting his own shows, and then he was discovered by Herman Sic and was asked to make an apearence on the show. This is where he became a house hold name. He finally reached the height of his career when he was offered a record deal with N.Z. and universal distribution portugal. They quickly put together an album called ( galinha ) becoming a massive buzz in portugal and in the night clubs. He worked with Boss a.c. and guto who produced most of the record. He then linked up with Nuno Marques and filmed an amazing music video in rabo de peixe, called eu nao vou chorar.

Sandro has done interviews for all portuguese newspapers, magazines, radio stations, and television. He spent the summer of 03 performing all over portugal and the islands. He then decided to part ways with his record label, and still have a working relationship with universal. Sandro returned back to boston for the birth of his son Sandro junior. He took a whole year off and was away from the music business completely. He than ran into RAW a major talented record producer from boston. Sandro and Raw started working together and then released Raws debut album in the Acores. The record was a smash on r.d.p. radio and made raw a superstar in the islands. Raw then started working with Sandro on releasing his big return back to portugal.

They spent months on trying to make the music better than ever. Raw is one of the reasons Sandro returned with a smash hit album, becoming an immediate buzz on the islands. Sandro G. than signed a record deal with City of Sin Records and CEO Shane Bradley to release the album. Sandro ran into the very soft spoken multi-talented video director Nelson Reis. They immediately started working together and filmed 2 amazing music videos (danca) and (crack na cozinha). In April of 2006, City of Sin Records and Sandro G. went on a 5 week tour to the islands of the Acores. They brought over 10,000 c.d’s to promote the album.

That’s right 10,000 on the plane, and they gave it away to the public! Sandro G. is truly a music legend, to give away 10,000 c.d’s and perform 9 free shows, is an amazing way to give back to the people that made him the number 1 artist in acoriano hip hop music history. He is the first rapper from the islands of the acores and the first to release 6 albums in 7 years. Now Sandro G. is ready to release his next album. ( THE GREEN CARD ) On this album Sandro went the extra mile and hooked up with some of the east coasts best. The music was done by Raw from bricklayer records, and some like Arkitec, High Roller Familia, Calo peso, nero, D.j. ironic, Will gambino, World Is Your Ent. new world productions (Dj Milton) D.j. Drama, Stone face productions,and of course City of Sin Records and vipex productions. Sandro G. is also working on a movie called THE DEPORTED.

He decided to write and co direct the project with Nelson Reis. Together they will make history when they release the film in 2009. Sandro Gomes will always be remembered as sandrinho rabepeixinho the very first rapper from the islands of portugal. His music will be heard 100 years from now in the islands of the acores ,portugal and by luso-americans. He is the creater of acoriano reggeaton becoming the first one and the only one to release an acoriano rap album.

Sandro G. the portuguese rapper, a true legend in portuguese music history.

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