In 1993, in Porto, Rui Fernandes, ex-member of Ban and Zero, joined Pedro Saraiva (ex-Culto da Ira and X-Position) with a view to forming a group in the area of dance music that would take on connotations with funk, pop and disco.

They are temporarily joined by two other ex-Ban members, Francisco Monteiro (bass) and Paulo Faro (drums) and support musicians, Miguel Guia (guitar) and Hugo (keyboards). At the time, references pointed to artists as diverse as Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Heaven 17, Jamiroquai or Blow Monkeys, in a very danceable wave that could be noticeable in songs such as “Shake Your Love”, “Love Funky” or “Because I Love You” that were presented to some multinationals in the square and to the Porto publisher Pôr do Som, which intended to publish them during the first half of 1994.

The idea, as initially imagined, faded and in 1994 Pedro Saraiva reformulated it, recruiting Nuno Santos (drums) and Gilda Figueiredo, the latter singer from Zero. It was with this and with the participation of rapper L. Russo MC that Dr. Sax began their concert activity, especially in the metropolitan area of their hometown.

The first songs were sung in English. BMG, led by Tozé Brito, signed the group, asking them to try to re-record their songs in Portuguese, to which the band agreed to transform their entire repertoire. In February 1995, Dr. Sax entered Paço d’Arcos Studios to record their debut album. The band then consists of Pedro Saraiva (voice), Rui Fernandes (sax, keys), Miguel Guia (guitar), Gilda Figueiredo (voice) and Nuno Santos Silva (drums).

The latter is the son of Artur Santos Silva, non-executive president of BPI who was very apprehensive about the life option outlined by his descendant. Contrary to what everyone might think, the group’s name does not mean Doctor Sax, but Dance Rhythmn And Sax. In May of that year, the promotional CD and Maxi Single were released with “Não Me Esqueci”, a track that achieved great radio success.

Soon after, the full-length “0670” went on sale, featuring a song with lyrics by Rui Reininho (“Discotoca”). At this stage, Pedro Saraiva dyes his hair platinum blonde, defining much of the glamorous image associated with the group. The Single CD “0670/Maçã” is also released and in October the Single CD “D.R.Sax Dance Mix” is commercially released.

In 1998 the group announced their return with their second album, called “Homem Objecto”. At the same time, new commercial success is achieved through the song “Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi”, which proves that the band had found its place in the sun within commercial music in Portugal.

It was only in 2006 that the group was heard from again through the release of a compilation CD entitled “10 Years After”, which saw the group come together to play live at the Twins nightclub in Porto, where they presented first-hand a new video clip of the song. “I wish you”. At this time, the line-up was composed of Pedro Saraiva (vocals), Denise Machado (vocals), Alberto Índio (guitar) and Tiago Resende (MC).

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