Radio Mix 2021 – The decline

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For fans of rooms, this is one of those articles we put on this blog where we uncover the “rotten things” of web radios, and we’re certainly not going to leave this issue unpunished even here. Today we are going to present Radio Mix 2021. Another “radio” where the staff is based on the term of exclusivity. Anyway, more of the same.

At a certain point one of the most recognized entertainer from that radio team decided to appear in Radio Mix2021 and the chat room once again, he used to be part of this project long time ago but as usual something had to happen, he had to leave this radio for a time due to the fact that apparently his radio shows weren’t suitable for the space.

Although it’s not a pretty attitude, he accept the fact that he left not only the radio but also xat and moved on to new projects and continued with his blog, which in the beginning was a radio and then stopped being one. After a long time on one of his radio visits he was asked by one of the owners of Mix2021 (Kika), better known as Carla, to add a time signal function to her radio automation software called RadioBoss. As this radio entertainer is not an arrogant person, he gave his help and even offered other functions for this same application, but after that he never received any response.

At some point he thought he could possibly go back to this radio, but he did.
However, two members of that room (Phonix and Pinkie) started a wave of persecution announcing that this radio member had said something objectionable one of those previous weeks to a member called “Mikos”, a member that no longer even remembered that existed, and in which obviously they never contacted each other for any reason.

Of course he tried to explained his point of view but as always in these xat rooms and radios of this style, the owners and administrators never give other people the opportunity to defend themselves or to have something to say in what supposedly happened, but in this case nothing happened. It was just a story invented by Pinkie and Phonix to tarnish the image of other people. And of course it doesn’t matter what you have to say.

As you can see according with the print screen, this is another of those radio stations that operates in exclusivity basis. At no point another radio was mentioned in the room or in a live show.

In the conversation above you can see that there is a decision made without having had prior contact with one of the members in the conversation, in this case Carlos. It is often said that there is no problem if people don’t create one, but in this case, one of the reasons generated by the member “The Phonix” was that Carlos had a radio, which he explained that XTuga is not a radio, is a playlist with several Portuguese songs as well as Spotify, but there are things that for certain people require more advanced wisdom and understanding.

On September 2, 2023, there was supposed to be a Mix2021 meeting, where Carlos was supposed to be present, and the owner (Kika, who calls herself the person who pays for the radio’s services but is not the main owner), but apparently this person is more in the style of requesting favors for the radio.

The radio meeting took place, and this member was not present because he was not allowed, the administrator Kika was suppose to call him but did not happen either. They made the decision to put him off the radio and he didn’t had the opportunity to defend himself and understand what was really happening. Something that recurs in chat rooms and radios of this style and especially on Mix2021, and after much insistence it was decided that Carlos would not be part of the radio for reasons still unknown today.

Moral of the story: obviously I don’t want to tarnish the name of the “radio station”, what I want is for them to be successful and continue with the project as far as possible. But, this article is to show how certain members of a webradio can be stupid and unfair sometimes.

Most radios of this style operate this way, there is nothing that can be done about it, and it is for these and other reasons that many chat rooms and webradios had closed.

This is an article that serves to draw the attention of other administrators, radio hosts, and members of chat rooms so that the same thing does not happen again and they are more fair and humble. People who frequent these spaces come to have fun, that’s all. Nobody makes money from this, but we are often mistreated, we are treated unfairly and then situations like this happen.

It’s time to change attitudes and treat people like people, whether for fun or not.

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